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The advantages and disadvantages of large windows

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Upon owning a new house, we are often faced with daunting decisions that need to be made. Particularly when consulting with the responsible architect, we often encounter problems and are presented with proposals that need our approval -- all these are placed on the table and for the laity, these would appear quite aliens and completely new to us which may result in uncertainties. Confusion and stress would hinder you from finding joy in planning your new home. With this article, we would like to prepare you for some crucial aspects related to construction and bring you on the same level with the planners and architects. Let's start off with the subject of large windows.

Panoramic windows provide the home with natural light, warmth and a wonderful view of the outdoors; you can also get a bit more privacy with the use of glazed windows or have a pattern on it that would suit your style. But then again, there are also some disadvantages that may arise from big floor level windows which we will discuss further. 

Why choose big windows?

Windows are far more than mere openings for the purpose of lighting. In a house they are the interface between the interior and exterior, bringing the private quarters into contact with the outside world and connects the environment with the indoor space. From a purely subjective point of view, this connection is regulated by the opening and closing of the windows: When opened, oxygen flows into the room, you get hear the birds and the rustling of the trees. When closed, you may also opt in using curtains or roller shutters to discontinue the exchange. All the more so when it comes to large windows, giving you a wide panoramic view. Granting a generous scenic landscape where fresh air can flow unrestrained into the room as well as the sounds of nature. If you live in a quiet, natural environment, big windows welcome these senses; gently and pleasantly affecting us internally.


Owners of houses with large windows are ahead of the present and future builders. You can look back on an experience and report on the everyday advantages and disadvantages of large windows. Each of these owners will consider it as an advantage that the view from large windows is something very special. Panoramic windows open the architecture of a building and give the building an optical lightness whose aesthetic reaches into the interior of the house. Large windows are a suitable stylistic means to flood the rooms of an apartment or a house with natural light. Also large windows can regulate the air within the four walls. Since an open window can provide you with a wonderful fresh air.

Glass walls and wood slats—A new trend

In architecture, as a profession -- technical understanding and artistic creation come into play. These are distinguishable in buildings; especially those that have impressive and aesthetically sound design. Many architects start their designs with a specific idea or a vision. In the creative process, the decision to build a house with full glass walls could be a bit of a visionary. Here, the glass extends over several floors and allows the occupants the luxury of a 360 view of the outside. Large full glass windows provide an unobstructed view into the open area and are especially desirable where the surrounding environment is particularly picturesque. For your own benefit, this type of home would be ideal if the neighbors are far away so you would still have enough privacy.


There are a lot of things to consider in the guideline for the costs of large windows. In addition to window type and window size, nominal thickness of internal and external disks are important factors to calculate. Nowadays, windows are frequently installed in buildings, which are insulated by several windows. The interstices created by this glazing are also taken into consideration. In addition, the heat transfer coefficient plays an important role in price calculation. This coefficient is closely related to the determination of the energy-efficient properties of the windows. In the trade, glass are divided into resistance classes: the more robust the glass, the higher the price. If the right glass is chosen for a window and the house construction is in a decisive phase, the window glass can be fitted into the facade. If you have smaller budget, you are welcome to try out smaller windows in order to save money. With large windows, however, it would be advisable to leave the installation to the professionals. As for the price, a 4.5 square meter window cost RM 1,800.00 excluding installation.


When spring cleaning, you will also have to consider the windows. Depending on the size of the house and the number and size of windows, a half day of cleaning can pass by quickly. Ensure that you are using the correct cleaning agents so that you do not damage the glass. With a sponge and a mixture of clean water, dishwashing liquid, and a splash of vinegar, you then dissolve the dirt and gunk from the glass then finish it off with the use of a puller. For this, you work in horizontal paths at the window glass before and wipes after each track the rubber lip of the puller clean. The rubber lip on pullers is often affected by wear and tear, and may have an uneven shape over time. On the window panes, such wear will reveal a streaky finish when cleaning. As a completion of the cleaning process, a microfiber cloth or window cloth is used at such moments, which will bring out the gleam back into your large windows by absorbing residual moisture, leaving a polished look. As a last tip, we will give you for cleaning windows is the fact that heat will dry out the panes so quickly that stripes might be more visible that it may leave unfavorable water stains. It would be a lot more complicated if you have big windows, unless you hire a cleaning company. On ladders or cranes, the professional cleaning forces are secured and ensures that they cover every corner of your large windows. 


However, there are some disadvantages to having large windows. The cost of such large-area windows will definitely be a big investment that you should think about beforehand. If you consider the costs of the above RM 1,800 and multiply this amount by the number of required windows, the cost of the purchase is critically questioned. Large windows not only allow light, but also a certain amount of heat. Glass also increased heat generation in the building's interior. 

Would you consider installing large windows in your home?

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