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15 amazing ideas for small bedrooms

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We all know how important the bedroom is to our soul and our health! It is the part of the house where we spend an awful lot of time, relax with a good book, find a soothing sleep, and spend quality time with our partner. Often enough we are a little disappointed, because our bedroom is too small. You feel that there is not enough space for all the things we want to keep. Honestly? No one needs to be afraid. Because you can maximize the potential of even the smallest of bedrooms, and create a safe harbor. We at Homify have put together a collection of 15 small bedroom designs, which show clever solutions that could make the room look larger and ideas for extra storage space. Let's take a look.

1. Clean and simple

We think that this bedroom is perfect for starting with today's theme. Because this small space shows us wonderfully that less is more. In the bedroom we really only find the bare necessities such as the bed, a lamp and a TV. Thus, this minimalist design from this space makes a quiet place to let go and relax.

2. Mirror, Mirror…

Large mirrors in the bedroom are great in creating a feeling of depth. The larger the mirror, the more you'll be able to create the illusion of a spacious room.

3. Clever ideas for storage space

For small bedrooms, chaos and mess are fatal! That is why we should rather spend a few minutes every day to clean up our bedroom. If we do not have a closet where we can store our clothes and accessories, then maybe a wall curtain. 

Advantage: Here small and big things can be stored!

4. Design with daylight

Natural light brings great effects in small rooms. Therefore, we should consider letting in daylight as much as possible to fill the bedroom with brightness. Consider doing away with thick curtains or heavy roller blinds. Then prefer to put on light systems or blinds that darken the room at night.

5. The office corner

마이크로하우스 리모델링 OUA 오유에이 Modern style kitchen
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

If we are unsure when planning small rooms, we should rely on the help of experts. With cleverly designed furniture, you'll be able to set up a multifunctional room. Because it is not so rare that we have to integrate a small study in the bedroom.

6. hints of color

Gloucester Road Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Modern style bedroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Gloucester Road Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

Bright colors do small spaces well. Because they make the room seem bigger. This also applies to bedrooms, where you can design wonderfully with bright textiles. But you can still use a few eye-catching colors. The cushions in our example provide quite an attractive look. And also in the art print over the bed and the blue lamp shade.

7. Storage space under the bed

No room for a large wardrobe in the bedroom? No problem! Let's just integrate a few drawers under the bed. By adding a uniform pull-out baskets that fit under our bed, you'll be able to optimally utilize the available space.

8. Folding beds

Folding furniture like this bed is a great idea to create space in the room. In this way, we really maximize every available square meter! The system of this foldaway bed is particularly clever. In its folded-in state, the wall also functions as a room divider.

9. The large closet

'Metropolis' 2 sliding door wardrobe by Mobilstella homify BedroomWardrobes & closets

'Metropolis' 2 sliding door wardrobe by Mobilstella


We see that a large wall cabinet is a real investment, especially when it is tailor-made to maximize space. Behind this artsy panel is a closet with enough space for hanging clothes, as well as drawers and shelves where we get all our things organized properly. It can't get any better than this!

10. Wall design different

Distraction is also a good tactic for small bedrooms. We could simply paint one of the main walls in a strong color and design with a print, sticker or photo. Thus, such a wall complements the other neutral walls and deflects the size of the room. Our tip: add color to one side of the room only. Otherwise the color scheme has the negative effect and makes the space appear darker and smaller.

11. Rhe industrial look

Raw bricks on the wall can achieve the same effect as we have described in the last picture. For this, a cool and industrial style can be conjured, giving the room a very special atmosphere.

12. Light, light and more light!

We come back to the topic of light in small spaces. Daylight is good for every room. But even in the longest summer months, it is sometime dark. Then we should invest in beautiful night lights, candles or cove lights, to immerse the bedroom in the evening in a cozy atmosphere.

13. Practical and beautiful: the ladder rack

We also know this: Our towels fly everywhere and seem to have no real home anywhere. A small ladder can help. Simply hang the towels for drying. Positive effect: The air in our houses is very dry especially during the hot seasons. The damp towels give a subtle amount of moisture back into the room, which is good for our mucous membranes during sleep.

14. Messages on the wall!

This bedroom wall is a design statement that immortalizes the private space with a message with giant letters on a wooden panel. It is very personalized which makes it outstanding, stylish, and cozy!

15. Built-in furniture

In the event where the bedroom is just too small and you don't have any idea how you're going to utilize the space, the it's time to consider having built-in furniture. Here, carpenters have designed this tiny room by creating a vertical space. The wardrobe, stairs and bed form an inseparable unit.

Which of these tips was the most beneficial for you when it comes to designing a small bedroom?

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