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10 seating areas that make a spectacular garden

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If you've had enough of those yellowed plastic chairs and chunky rattan furniture, then you better check this out! Having lounge areas in the garden is the best thing for a relaxing day! Fortunately enough, there are countless ideas on how to make this area inviting and cozy. We introduce you to ten brilliantly decorated designs, which you will surely fall for. Whether it is made of wood or stone, square or round arrangement, open or roofed, traditional or modern, it is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Here we go!

Garden house reinterpreted

Normally a garden shed is only used to place the garden tools and other small things. But what if you say good-bye to two walls and use the rest of your house for cozy seating? Here, a wooden structure with roof and two side walls offers the ideal place for a seating area. Protected from wind and the harsh weather while still being in close contact with the garden.

Rustic and cozy

Proyectos de interiorismo varios estudio 60/75 Living room
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

Wow! This is pretty much the quintessence of cosiness. The rustic stone walls immerse everything in a traditional flair—thanks to the large opening, you can enjoy the view of the wonderful garden. On the extensive corner, the couch is filled with pillows where you can lie down and have wonderful dreams. Then in pleasant evenings, the room will be dipped in soft candle light, exuding the perfect ambience.

Fresh colors

Lightly lit with hanging lights and an airy garden space paired with colored seats and matching throw pillows for a fresh ambiance. Turquoise and yellow are the predominant tones that perfectly reflects the summer mood. A combination of benches and several Acapulco chairs offer comfortable seating and with outstretched sun sails to provide protection against weather conditions and make the entire seating area more hospitable while you are refreshingly surrounded with lush greens.

A touch of Ibiza

The classic pergola along the swimming pool provides that beach feel, with the wooden frame and white flowy curtains. The pebbled flooring, the wooden deck and the use of light fabric create that Ibiza feeling. In this picture you will also find a hedge for more privacy, some comfortable garden furniture, and beautiful potted plants that's perfect for a holiday mood.

Mediterranean flair

Let us introduce you to these mediterranean garden along a renovated ruin. A rustic structure made of brick and stone provide the natural and quaint charm that also offers protection from the wind and the sun. It has a beaver tail roof which is frequently used in the southern regions of Europe. Terracotta pots and plants and an old bicycle are the ideal accessories for a filigree wood and metal garden set.

Undeniable comfort

RHS Cardiff 2015 Best4hedging Modern style gardens

RHS Cardiff 2015


A playful twist is used for this unique pavilion. The color combinations of black, brown and gray as well as the linear design give it a timeless look. The austerity is solved with a special highlight: the roof was designed as a meadow. In the pavilion itself, there is a pull-down table and bench where you can enjoy a nice picnic. You can also relax on the lounge along the deck surrounded by flowers.

Place for gatherings

For those who always have a lot of visitors or those who are a part of a large family, this fabulous design concept could be ideal for your home. An oversized sectional couch is placed in a square shape around a large table, in the middle of which is an ethanol fire place. Behind the cushions are planters for foliage. So you have a guaranteed comfortable and beautiful seating area in the garden that is perfect for entertaining guests. Here, everybody gets to sit comfortably.

A roofed daybed and an open seating area

A lot of space is also offered by this ensemble of covered loungers and an open terrace. Here you can choose your own favorite spot according to your preference. Too much sun or cozy dozing? Turn left if you want to have a siesta; turn right if you want to lounge and chat with friends. Both designs has that noble combination of dark wood and light textiles that's extremely stylishly.

An outdoor reclining chair

This garden set is named the beach basket. The idea is not new, but it is still pretty cool! This offers shade, a reclining backrest and an adjustable leg rest. With a patterned summer colors, this special nook becomes a very special eyecatcher. 

Enjoy Oriental

Here's another idea for smaller gardens: this captivating deck area with canopy conjures oriental flair into the garden. Thanks to its light weight and simple construction, it is perfect as a transient seat—which can be easily moved wherever you want it to be placed. With the beautiful sweet-scented plants, you can easily relax while reading or take a nice nap.

Don't you think you'd have a more relaxing time at the garden with these lounge sets?

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