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​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London., Bravo London Ltd Bravo London Ltd Modern walls & floors Glass Green
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After many hours of playing tourist, you come back to your beautiful hotel suite with perfect atmosphere, you go into the spa bathroom and let the full body jets in the shower relax you, then you recline on your bed and let the soft, satin sheets encase you in luxurious splendor. 

This is just a glimpse of how it feels to stay in a luxury hotel suite – getting to enjoy all the luxuries of the high life. Who would ever want to stop living in such a way? And why is it that when the vacation is over and you come back to the reality of your own home, you are greeted by an old bed, a dirty living room, and an unkempt bathroom? There will of course be no sweet chocolate or mint awaiting you on your pillow when you arrive. So is it not worth it to experience even just a small version of this grandeur in our daily lives? No matter what your budget is, a luxurious lifestyle can be achieved at home. This Ideabook was created to inspire you to turn your drab home into heaven on earth by using luxury hotel suites as the quintessential environment.

Pick the right bathroom design

When designing the bathroom, you should pick a serene and posh decor, usually in the modern style. If you think of the absolute best hotel that you've ever stayed in, think about the amenities it had. There was most likely a glass enclosed walk-in shower with full body jets, paired with an equally powerful shower head. There may have even been a hot tub and a double set of deep sinks with large mirrors that were illuminated by wall sconces. 

Achieving this atmosphere in your home is easier than you think. Even if you don't have intricate basin sinks or a lavish hot tub, the modern interior design scheme will give your bathroom the hotel flair you've been craving. Solid black and white is an excellent modern colour palette choice. If black and white isn't your style, greys, greens, and blues are also great for a modern interior. Pair your colour choice with complementary plush towels and a bathrobe, fix a large mirror over your sink, tile your floors and there you have it! A hotel suite inspired bathroom! Just dim the lights and pretend you're in paradise.

Choose a suitable bedroom design

​Bedroom at Bedford Gardens house. Nash Baker Architects Ltd Modern style bedroom Grey
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​Bedroom at Bedford Gardens house.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

When designing your bedroom to fit the opulent hotel suite style, the bed should take center stage. Think of any hotels that you have visited — the bedroom is always well-designed with matching bedding, pillows, and curtains. 

Headboards aren't necessary to achieve the hotel look, but as long as you outfit your bed the right way, it will be fit for a king. Let's start with your mattress – layer luxurious plump down pillows on top of your mattress and lay down some satin or Egyptian cotton sheets, and pair that with a down comforter. The colour palette, again, should be relatively neutral. Buy a few night stands for either side of the bed to rest lamps upon and so you can keep your nick knacks tidy. If you have the space for it, add a desk, a few cozy chairs or an upholstered bedroom bench at the foot of your bed. 

Get the right illumination

The rule for hotel lighting is that you shouldn't have direct lighting, so accent lighting is the new way to go. Accent lighting makes your home look modern and allows you to focus on a particular object or area of interest, such as light hitting a wall hanging, the television set, or a hallway. If you want your home to have that hotel suite feel, the lighting you use should be hidden in the ceiling and you should only use reflected lights. This will help you highlight that particular place. Mood lighting is important and using bright colours in your space is equally important, as bright colours show less clutter. Also, consider having a bedside lamp for soft illumination while watching television or reading.

Some other indirect lighting options are lights over pieces of art that serve to only illuminate the object, but indirectly end up lighting that area of the room, providing a calm, soft light source, as well as a beautiful accessory. 

Utilize open space

We are sure you have noticed the utilization of vast, open space in just about every hotel you have ever stayed in, so naturally, you are going to want to do that to achieve the same atmosphere in your home. Even if you don't have the biggest house or apartment, there are tons of tricks you can use to maximize the amount of space you have and even create the illusion of a larger space.

One thing you can do is use bright colours, so to keep with the modern interior design scheme and to allow your house to match all throughout, we suggest continuing with the neutral colour palette. Take this living room, for example. The use of white and cream colours allows the every form of light to bounce off of the reflective surfaces, making this space appear much larger than it actually is. Another thing you can do to utilize your space efficiently is to place your furniture up against the walls, giving you a wide, open area for a coffee table, a chair or two, or to simply have the open space because you like it.

Be mindful of textiles

Nothing makes a hotel cozier and more welcoming than soft, inviting textiles. Again, think about the hotels you have visited. Each one was outfitted with stools, benches, chairs, and sofas, all covered in smooth, velvety, fleecy, downy, or silken cushions and textiles. Therefore, this is something you also need to consider when designing your home like a hotel. 

Now it's time to layer on the luxury. You don't have to completely reupholster everything you own in order to complete your project. On the contrary, the simple addition of some plush blankets and pillows will do the trick just as well. The goal is to make your space feel inviting and relaxing, so the softer, the better. Stick with the neutral colour palette, as these are the easiest to match, but don't be afraid to add a crazy accent pillow here and there to liven up your space.

Inspiration for studio flats

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London. Bravo London Ltd Modern walls & floors Glass Green
Bravo London Ltd

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London.

Bravo London Ltd

Each of these points we have gone over are fantastic ways for you to get that opulent hotel suite atmosphere right in your home, but these tips are also suitable for inspiration for studio apartments. If you think about it, the hotel rooms you have stayed in are just like studio apartments – they come with a bed, bath, often a kitchenette, and even a work space. So following these steps will help you utilize your space in the most efficient way.

If you want a little something more, however, take a look at this image for inspiration. The bedroom is sequestered from the living space by use of a sliding door. You may think sliding door instillation is too much of a hassle, but we assure you it's well worth the investment. It will give you extra privacy, especially when you have guests, and it will turn your studio flat into a one bedroom flat in just one day! Adding a sliding door also gives you more of an opportunity to switch up interior design styles. If all you have is one big room, everything in it should be complementary. But if you have a wall separating your space, you're free to give your bedroom different wall colours, different textile colours… the possibilities are endless! 

What did you think of this Ideabook? Do you have anything to add? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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