17 small pools for patios and small gardens

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When we think of having a swimming pool we imagine a large garden where it is commonly found, however, it is not necessary to have so much space to be able to have and enjoy a pool. In this article, we are going to show you 17 of the coolest swimming pool ideas for small spaces: from courtyards, to inground pools and even pools found on the second floor terrace.  that will definitely inspire you. With the right amount of creativity and resources, you will be able to get a pool as good as the ones we'll show you. Ready?

1. Why is it good to have a pool?

Swimming pools are one of those elements that can draw a lot of attention and that is why it is the space that you'd want to highlight the most, especially in tropical countries. Even though the space is small, you can still take a nice dip to cool down.
In addition, the pool also serves a decorative component which is beneficial to your health since swimming is a great form of exercise. For this, you may opt to install an aquagym or an endless pool machine that creates a current where you can do laps in place. Nevertheless, a pool will always add value to the price of the house.

2. Courtyard pool

When deciding on building a pool in the garden, the first thing we usually consider is the design. How are you going to create one that is in harmony with the rest of the space and the house? 

When it comes to small, quaint spaces, we can always rely on plants and furniture to create a cozy area. In this image we can see the elegant round shaped pool or hot tub in this garden, from the pool, you'll see a nice decorative stone path that leads to the house and a couple of lounge chairs.

3. Paved area

We should take a good look before deciding on where to build the inground pool, it is very important that it has a good orientation, whenever possible we should also set the pool along a paved area and a few feet from the soil, or grass or a pebbled space so that the dirt does not enter the swimming pool.

4. Night swimming

When it comes to small pools, it would be best to keep a minimalist design. A few statement furnitures can go a long way. More so, it is also relaxing to the eyes. By adding lighting under the pool, you will be able to illuminate it at night—you can do some night swimming if that is your free time from work. You can even install lighting that can change in color and tweak the settings at any time in accordance to your mood.

5. The power of simplicity

We have seen pools of many shapes, materials and styles. Although the most popular ones are the rectangular and the circular.

6. A pool on the terrace

The idea of having a swimming pool at home may sound nice but when it comes to the safety of the children at home, then we have to take extra precaution. It is important that the floor surrounding the pool is made of non-slip material to prevent them from falling. We should also think about the depth of the pool.

7. Inside or Outside

We must always think if we want to place the pool indoors or outdoors. For both cases there are both advantages and disadvantages. In this photograph we see a wonderful example of an indoor pool where you can enjoy it regardless of the weather.

8. Swimming in the rooftop

When your pool is located on the roof you have to protect the perimeter of the building with fences, it would be best if you seek the opinion of the experts regarding the height that is in accordance with regulations.

9. Materials

You can choose from different types of materials for your swimming pool. A material that isn't frequently used is wood. This material will take extra maintenance, but nonetheless, it provides a warm touch and a relaxing environment that we love.

10. Oasis

If you want a relaxing and refreshing poolside area, you should consider the type of plants that you are going to use. Do a little research on the types of plants and whether they are suitable for your region.

11. Ambient lighting

Thanks to a well-planned illumination you can create different environment that is inviting whether in daytime or at night.

12. Depth

To make the decision on how deep the swimming pool should be, we must first think about its purpose, how much space we have and of course, your budget. If you want to enjoy having a pool to relax we can use something smaller like a hot tub, then if you want to train in it, them you may want to consider a lap pool.

13. Modern Designs

Regardless of size, the design we give the pool will bring style to our space. It is good to continue with the style of the house so that it is has good balance.

14. A pool adapted to the patio

This pool adapts wonderfully to the shape of the terrain. With a good architect you can get the best result.

15. Improve with small details

In this pool there are decorative stone blocks that allow access to the pool which also give the impression of walking on the water. It can be a fantastic starting point for diving.

16. A different pool

This pool has a glass front, providing a nice transparent view of the elevated pool. Also, because of its small size, is perfect to relax and enjoy during hot days.

17. A warm pool

Finally, we show you this pool that is perfect to enjoy both alone or with some company.  What makes this special is its heating system. This way you are sure that the water is at a good temperature even during cold nights.

Which type of swimming pool would you want in your dream home?

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