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5 houses with floor plans (for small surface areas)

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This ideabook brings forth five homes which are big on functional, integrated spaces but small in terms of space. For those of you who are looking to remodel or build a home from scratch, these ideas are great to play around with. 

Pick out your favorite home, or simply collate the best ideas from each of the five. Do keep in mind that, for the best results, an architect is essential. Let's begin our tour, shall we? 

1. A compact dwelling

We begin with this modern home which comes well equipped with a backyard. A simple terrace is in the offing, with views you cannot resist. The main door forms the bridge between the interior and the exterior, integrating the home into a single unit. The wooden floored porch, and backyard are suggestive of a modern design. 

Shared interiors

Once you walk past the main door, a brilliant pop of color in the form of an open spacious area meets your watchful glance. This space plays host to the dining and living room as color plays a key role in dividing the space. 

3D Plan

To get a clear cut picture of the home, take a look at the plan. The entrance falls directly under the roof, while the living and dining rooms are adjacent to it. The bathroom is separated from the two bedrooms by a small vestibule.

2. A modern dwelling

This modern home takes up space vertically, but not much horizontally. The large windows present on the outside are a giveaway fro natural light to seep in. Gray and white are primarily the colors picked out, separated by wood creating a warm welcoming aura. 

The interior

As you step into this lovely home, a stairway greets you on your left, and a bathroom on your right. A glimpse of the utility room which is connected to the garage is also seen. The kitchen is right there and it opens out into the living and dining areas.   

3D Plan for the lower floor

The plan shows us an entrance which leads to the kitchen, living and dining areas. The garage is easily accessible from the utility room and so is the bathroom. 

3D Plan for the upper floor

The upper floor plays host to two bedrooms and a suite. At the center there is a small living room, which can serve any purpose that you deem fit. 

3. A discrete dwelling

This next home takes into consideration structural design as is depicted by the horizontal window spreading across the upper floor. The colors fall on the lighter side of the spectrum of hues creating a modern, yet cozy ambiance. 

The interior

Modern elements coalesce to give birth to this space which is elegant and functional at the same time. The use of natural lighting and open spaces add to the style quotient of this area. 

3D Plan of the lower floor

A garden leads you to the front door where you will be greeted by the bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and staircase. 

3D Plan of the upper floor

The upper floor is home to a central room which connects three bedrooms and a bathroom. You are left with a lot of space due to the upper floor of this home. 

Compact and modern at the same time

This home picks a bone of appeal particularly due to its simplicity. One floor contains the living room, dining room and a kitchen, while the upper floor contains the bedrooms and bathroom. 

4. A small portable dwelling

You are now in the presence of a mobile home that can be transported to a region of your liking. Once you set it up, the base of the terrace can be laid out and ready to use. The house is rectangular in shape with windows and sliding doors to connect to the great outdoors! Different types of wood have gone into the making of this exterior.  


In a home as petite and compact as this, having numerous divisions would lead to unwanted complications. This is precisely why the hallway divides the space into two regions. 

3D Plan

As the plan depicts, not a single ounce of space has been let to go to waste. All you need is cozily arranged into this mobile house. 

5. A petite dwelling

The narrow structure picked out for this home is more well thought out that you can imagine. It leaves you with a compact cozy home that gives you stellar views. 

Experiment with some of these solutions to bring out the best in your home. 


Furniture runs along the perimeter of the of the house to save up on space. The walls are taken full advantage of to give you an interior that looks like this one. 

3D Plan

The upper floor is host to a small living room with a single bedroom and a closet. There is also a garage right at your disposition. 

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