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7 infallible tricks when combining wall color with furniture

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Color is the impression produced by the rays of light reflected and absorbed by a body in the retina, depending on the wavelength of these rays. According to the RAE, color can be defined as the peculiar character that some things have or a special quality that distinguishes its style. All these definitions of color only highlight its importance in our lives, not only in a physical sense but also psychological. Color, as we see, transmits sensations and therefore has always had much symbolism. We associate the color with certain marks, places, situations, thoughts, etc.

In a house, the colors appear in many elements of its interior decoration. In the same space is a mixture of furniture that can be matched with different colors, decorative accessories, appliances and other equipment necessary in the daily operation of the home. In addition, the walls, ceilings and floors of the house also have their own color, as well as other elements that configure the limits of the house, such as doors and windows. The combination and superimposition of colors of all these elements will generate a certain impression and awaken certain sensations. In this way, changing the paint color of the walls to play with the chromatic palette of the furniture can create a new ambiance to a room, achieving really amazing visual effects. Let us show you some combinations to encourage you to try out different colors in your own home.

Stainless steel elements

Items with a metallic finish deserves a chapter apart the furniture of stainless steel. These furniture never goes out of style and are usually used for auxiliary pieces such as coffee tables inside a modern style salon, original dressers that are placed in an eclectic style dining room or kitchens marked with an industrial air.

The most common is to combine this type of furniture with white or gray walls, enhancing that somewhat cold or aseptic vibe that steel has. Nonetheless, stainless steel combines almost any color, even with warm color ranges as chosen for the floor of this kitchen. The brilliance of the steel is able to put a luminous touch to any environment, even with dark colored wall decorations.

Warm hues or cold tones?

The predominant tones in a room can trigger the senses and draw out different feelings. Depending on the use of space it will be more advisable to opt for a certain color palette. Warm colors, such as yellow, brown or ocher, stimulate the senses and create cozy spaces. On the contrary, cold colors, such as grays, blues, greens and violets, create an atmosphere of relaxation but can also give rise to a feeling of remoteness that is not very welcoming for certain rooms of the house.

White furniture

A furniture made of pieces of white color allows us to combine it with walls of any color and is valid for both warm ranges and cold ranges. The white furniture always provides light to the room and can make a link between both chromatic ranges, as we see in the image, achieving an environment where harmony reigns. In short, the white furniture allows us to incorporate almost any color to the walls without fear of making a mistake.

Shabby chic furniture

This chromatic play that mixes warm and cool colors shows that utilizing light tones is often used in decorating with a Shabby Chic style (Shabby = worn, scruffy; Chic = distinguished, elegant). The furniture used in this type of decoration that has its origin in the great English country houses, mixes old pieces with a rural air with other more modern furniture and decorative objects.

In Shabby Chic style interiors, the wood furniture used usually have that aged look, and are often white or beige. For the walls, the safest color would be white, as well as pastel colors like pink, light blue or violet. You can also bet on gray walls, like the one in the image, where a wallpaper coating is used to give a nice texture to the wall and a very original print that makes the room a very personal space.

Natural wood furniture

A wide range of warm colors are available for the perfect stay in the bedroom and the living room, spaces that we use to relax and that should convey a comfortable feeling. In these spaces, the wooden furniture with different finishes are, therefore, ideal.

The furniture in natural wood combines perfectly with walls of light colors in which we can use that same range of warm colors, from earthy colors to broken white or beige. These combinations are a safe bet and, moreover, are very fashionable in home interior decoration. If we also complement it with indirect illumination of warm lights, as in the housing of the image, we will achieve a very welcoming atmosphere.

Metal furniture

Metal furniture is used in interiors that opt for an industrial style decoration. They are not recommended for small spaces, but in a space that has high ceilings, it can provide a certain contrast that exudes a sophisticated air to the interior.

When we have this type of furniture in a room, it is advisable to bet on light colors for the walls, otherwise the environment can be somewhat heavy. Using the color gray, following the same chromatic range imposed by the metal furniture can be successfully done, provided that we use it on some of the walls as an accent, reserving the white or light gray for the rest. This combination will create a very avant-garde design in your home.

Furniture design

The design of the furniture and its decorative style is able to create impressions generated by its own colors. When we have furniture of pure and simple lines, they can be manufactured in different colors without any of them predominating over the others. So we present this Nordic style dresser as proposed by our experts, a furniture lacquered in panna, water green and oak silk that emphasized a harmony in color.

As a backdrop for this type of simple furniture and where balance reigns we can bet for a more radical color which accentuates the presence and sophistication of the furniture. By using midnight blue, to this Marsala color which dominates one wall to accent the room, you are able create a very personal, theatrical touch.

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