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36 great ideas for stone and brick wall design

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Have you ever entered a house and thought: is something missing? Sometimes it's a misplaced detail, a lack of character, a design nuance or a differentiating element that is unaccounted for that could have delivered a distinct style. 

What can bring a flair to your home? How about the presence of bricks and stone, since these materials are unique in a sense that no two stones are exactly the same and they both bring a certain warmth and natural feel into your home. 

These elements have long been a common resource which have the ability to completely change the image of a room. In general, when we speak of stone walls, we distinguish two fundamental types: those of natural stone (usually slate or quartzite) which provide some rustic air to the spaces, although they involve a greater amount of investment (around RM 175 / m²); next is the reconstituted stone, which somewhat cheaper (approximately RM 125 / m²) based on the mixture of cement that imitates the natural stone. The last of the options is the use of bricks, it is the most economical solution that fits equally well in kitchen designs, bathrooms, the living room and so on. Its diversity of appearance, from the classic red brick to the white painted bricks, a multitude of options is sure to make it ideal an ideal addition to any space.

Whether it is for the interior or exterior, these resources are one of the most diverse and durable choice. In this article, we present thirty six types of designs for the walls made of stone or brick that can turn your space into a aesthetic room full of personality. Have a walk through and be inspired by these beautiful homes.

1. Stone in the kitchen

The kitchen is as good place to introduce an element that adds a note of elegance and character. With a black colored reconstituted stone wall, you create a deep contrast with the white of the furniture, creating a modern and sophisticated atmosphere.

2. Reconstituted stone in the living room

Wide spaces can make it sometimes difficult to focus on one aspect of design. A reconstituted stone wall placed strategically in the living room can act as a focal point.

3. Proper lighting for the stone wall will not go unnoticed in a decorated living room

4. Natural stone in the dining room

The exposed natural stone walls are the ideal choice for those who want to give a rustic vibe to the design of their home. It is not necessary to cover all four walls with this material, a single wall in the dining room, as in this case, is enough to transfer the rustic charm to the space.

5. A reconstituted stone corridor will give life to a transit space and will be the perfect anteroom for any home

6. Slate for the staircase

The stairway area is often one of the busiest points in houses with more than one floor. However, it is sometimes difficult to decorate since it has to be a structure that is sturdy and well built. See how the designer was able to successfully combine elements by utilizing a natural stone wall such as this slate.

7. Niches made of natural stone

Niches have become an increasingly sought after resource for interior design and decoration. These holes in the walls are aesthetically attractive, especially if what we place inside is a natural quartzite stone wall as in this example.

8. The bathroom is also a perfect setting for natural stone walls, a detail that makes for a space full of character

9. The combinations of different types of natural stone such as slate and quartzite will allow you to create a very attractive and colorful wall for your home

10. A successful mix of styles

Just as the mixture of materials results in aesthetically appealing combinations, the introduction of different styles into the same space can be translated into rooms with a special charm. In this room, the white reconstituted stone wall adds a clean but textured feel to a room in which the modern lines of furniture offer an eclectic and cozy view.

11. Brick wall in the kitchen

This is another example of how a resource that is generally found in rustic environments, can appear in modern spaces creating incredible synergies. This kitchen has a brick wall that is seemingly anchored with a rich history, summing up a modern approach that is complete with organic elements such as the large wooden table.

12. Complete the presence of your reconstituted stone wall on the room with other elements that draw attention to it, such as the large mirror

13. The corners of the house will not go unnoticed if the decorations match with the reconstituted stone wall and is highlighted with some lighting

14. A room with a lot of charm

Can you imagine this room without the stone wall in the background? Yes, I probably would not say too much. Although the wood chosen for the floors partially counteracts the neutrality dominant in the furniture and decoration, the stone wall breaks the aseptic view of the room and in turn, creates a cozy atmosphere.

15. Brick walls provide texture to modern spaces

16. A luxury entrance

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The entrance or lobby is the first contact of any visitor with the interior of our home. That said, taking care of the look of this space is essential to make a good impression and provide a warm and decent welcome. Placing a reconstituted stone wall in the lobby will be an ideal business card.

17. Slate walls can extend as a complement to the rest of walls at half height creating a charming surround effect

18. The fireplace area is a more than desirable place to place a stone wall in the living room

19. Stone, stone, stone

Are you a confessed lover of the presence of stone in home decorations? If so, then why limit its presence to a single wall? If you are determined to make the natural stone lining the walls of your home, then a bedroom like this with all its walls dressed in this material is bound to exude that quaint appeal.

20. Natural stone in the bathroom

The exposed natural stone wall of this bathroom is the perfect image of the use of stone as a feature for a rustic style home. Accompanied by a ceiling with wood beams and other details such as the furniture, toilets and even the niche, warmly decorated with a potted plant, make this bathroom a space full of nostalgic charm.

21. Brick walls can also be a perfect match for industrial style

22. Using a brick wall to frame the kitchen as the focal point

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork Humphrey Munson Kitchen
Humphrey Munson

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork

Humphrey Munson

23. Natural stone wall in the living room

Far from what it may seem, stone walls can give spaces a unique warmth. Combined with other elements such as natural lighting or wood flooring and ceiling, make this room a very cozy space.

24. You can also coat the exterior walls of your home with natural stone

25. Passion for the target

Lovers of decoration in white do not have to give up the walls of stone or bricks. In fact, this brick wall painted in white is one of the main elements of the design that ties up this eclectic bedroom design that is full of character.

26. As with stone, the brick walls seen here will give your bathroom a point of distinction

27. A charming kitchen

Even though the presence of brick walls and stone are generally associated with the rustic style, the truth is that they are not exclusive to just that. Variation might just be the key to what your room needs. In fact, this kitchen includes a wall that has the effect of ceramic bricks, exuding a very contemporary feel.

28. Be seduced by the charm of white brick walls and feel free dream about the decor of your bedroom

29. A few natural stone details for the walls to create an inviting bedroom

30. An exposed brick wall

Its attributions can be varied: from decorative elements that stylize a space, adding character and an aesthetic component, in which this brick wall provides charm and enchantment to the interior design of your home.

31. Combining different types of natural stone will give your walls an atmosphere that is full of elegance

32. A living room with stone walls remains of the most rustic combined with other elements such as wooden beams or a fireplace

33. Natural wraparound stone

Each of the walls of this attractive apartment are covered in natural stone. Contrary to what it may seem, the choice of this lining confers a unique character that envelops the space, offering a cozy and intimate ambiance.

34. Combination of materials

There are recipes that can guarantee a safe success. In this case, the natural stone wall is combined with pink granite floors, two ingredients with which the decoration is worthy of the best 'menus'.

35. The brick as part of the eclectic decoration of this loft generates a contemporary and very personal atmosphere

36. The charm of natural stone

Whether it's on one wall or many, the charm of natural stone is undeniable. If you are one of those who bet on flooding their space with character and personality, then do not forget to consider the possibility of placing a brick wall or stone for a sensational effect.

Which type of wall would you rather have? Brick or stone?

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