14 staircase designs perfect for small houses

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Stairs are more than just a simple element that connects one story to another. They too can be a decorative focal point of the house, providing so much originality with designs that reflect your personality. There are many different styles of stairs, different materials, shapes and sizes.

And precisely about size, we want to show you these 14 stairs that fit perfectly in small / medium size housing. They all have a spectacular design and unique style that can radically change the look of your home.

Give your staircase an aesthetic factor that matches the beauty of your home.

1. Divided in two

We start with a staircase that occupies a high ceilinged first storey. Here we find a separate space specifically dedicated to its placement. As you can see, it is divided into two opposite sections with small pin lights that will help guide your steps. In addition, there are white stones underneath that provides that outdoor vibe, making this space look even more harmonious and beautiful.

2. Simplicity in wood

This little staircase would be perfect for a duplex in the big city, wouldn't you say? We love its simplicity and straight lines, with suspended steps that make the area around it look lighter and roomier, as if it was floating. Such designs are ideal for small spaces.

3. Invisible railing

For small spaces it is highly recommended to use light, thin and even transparent railing as in this case. With glass, you can get that feeling that there is no railing, leaving the space more clear without having to sacrifice your safety.

4. Floating

This steel reinforced staircase, having no structure that connects it in any way with the ground, seems hang in midair. It is a very beautiful and classy design with a certain industrial air perfect for both modern and even for rustic houses.

5. Narrow stairs along the corner

This staircase has been placed on a hallway that is almost hidden, along the entrance for easy access. It is very simple but original, with a hollow structure where a small table and a lamp can fit beautifully. Small details like these can really go a long way.

6. Two stairs, two styles

In this house you can see two stairways that go well both the one and the other for a small or medium house. One is more classic, the one on the left of the image, has a more traditional railing; while the other has more modern design. Being able to see through the slits in between the steps also provide a more spacious feel.

7. Near the window

Placing the ladder near the window creates a natural design that is both aesthetic and functional. Matching a warm wooden staircase with the beautiful surroundings and  ambient lighting gives it a unique personality.

8. Spiral staircase

The spiral stairs have a very classic look, right? Plus, they're perfect for small duplex flats or small single family homes. They are timeless and is never out of fashion. In addition there are many different designs that are charming.

9. Ladder without structure

If you do not have children at home, or elderly relatives, or anyone who is physically challenged, then you can opt for this type of staircase without a railing to connect the two floors of your house. Simple, sober, elegant and functional.

10. A staircase with an outdoor vibe

Having the staircase twist and turn along a patch of indoor garden is a wonderful idea for nature lovers. This gives a fresh atmosphere to the home, making every climb up and down the stairs a very enjoyable trip.

11. Matching the house

Another nice option is to match the color of the stairs to the style of furniture, and vise versa, depending on which one comes first. In this home, they combined the staircase with the sofa and the rest of furniture of the apartment. A very lovely contrast!

12. Two-way

An original and precious option is to place the staircase in two directions, along two sections. In this way we are playing with geometrical shapes to give movement to the house.

13. Stairs that do not touch the floor

Stairs that do not touch the floor? Indeed there are! In this image, the last step barely rises a few inches from the ground, but it is enough to give a design statement that will leave everyone open mouthed.

14. Low steps

Sometimes we do not stairs with high steps to climb up the second floor. Your knees will greatly appreciate you for this for it takes less effort to climb. Also, they are perfectly functional with a style to boot.

What type of stairs do you think would match your home?

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