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Let's say that you've bought your dream home, decorated it to perfection and even given the garden your attention, what can there possibly be left to attend to? Well, if you haven't thought about how you separate your home from your neighbours', your next improvement project could be updating your home border styles!

Don't worry, we aren't going to suggest that you build 10-foot high walls, with razor wire wrapped over the top of them; we have some fantastic, attractive and easy to install ideas that might just finish your home off perfectly and help to really elevate your garden too!

Take a look at our favourite forms of home borders and see which you might like to install yourself!

Bamboo fencing

For something that looks good, increases your privacy and still lets a lovely amount of light into your garden, we think bamboo fencing is an absolute winner! Just look at how elegant and pretty it looks as well! As if you needed any extra convincing, bamboo fencing, such as this example from G H Product Solutions, can be a budget-friendly option.

Using a natural material for your home border allows your garden to remain a place of organic beauty and simplicity and makes more showy additions possible without looking too over the top. Lovely!

Rustic metal

Now, this example is certainly not for the faint hearted, but if you like a little drama and eclectic design in your garden, then a home border made of large metal slabs that have been left to patina could be a great alternative for you! Especially as patina is so fashionable right now!

While rust-covered monolithic slabs are not going to be at the top of everybody's wish list, we think that in the garden of an industrial style home, this could look incredible and if privacy and security is a major concern for you, there will be few ideas better for you than this one.

Modernist concrete

The perfect way to finish off a more modern home and garden, some sleek concrete panels are not only an easy to fit addition, they are a super chic one too! 

Fixed in a similar way to standard fence panels, these patterned concrete slabs slide down between two perfectly positioned posts to form an impenetrable home border that looks as good as it is strong. We love that the rest of this example shows modernist decorating, with pots and plants of an understated nature looking perfectly harmonious and complementary.

Unique designs

If you've embraced a home project build and created a totally bespoke and unique property, you really need to do the same for your home border design! It won't be as difficult as you think, as you will be able to pick out certain elements of the house to incorporate in your border, such as glazed panels, as shown here.

The key to a truly cohesive home design is to stick to defined styling and elements, so in the case of a home border, which could be anything from a driveway gate through to a garden fence, think about security and privacy first, then add a little style that fits with the rest of your façade.

Blended styles

If you like some of our home border ideas but no one example is hitting the right note yet, have you considered a blended option, which features more than one material? If the strength of metal appeals to you, but the richness and organic vibe of wood looks nicer, it is simple enough to combine the two!

Just look at this contemporary home border. Is it not the perfect combination of strong and beautiful? This would look amazing in any outdoor space and would become a real talking point too, but always think about your neighbours before you install anything very eye-catching, as they might not want the same effect in their garden and compromise might be required.

Natural hedges

If you are looking to add a home border as a matter of course, rather than for privacy or security, you can choose from a far more laid back and natural palette of materials, including box hedge. There really isn't anything nicer than using a little bit of greenery to mark out your boundary and if you're feeling creative, maybe you could try your hand at topiary shaping? We'll leave that to the experts, as we feel sure our efforts would fall a little flat or look a little wonky!

For more fantastic garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Innovative Small Garden Design Tips. You'll see that regardless of the size of your outdoor space, there is plenty you can do with it!

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