Top 10 charming rustic kitchens

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Some may think that such comparisons are odious but it is far from our intention to declare war between modern and rustic kitchen designs. Both have advantages and disadvantages and both have loyal followers and harsh detractors. Without getting into such controversies and without showing any bias, we would like to set aside the minimalist style that is often associated with the modern design and focus on these marvelous kitchens. We will show you out top ten kitchens that exude the rustic charms of yesterday with a modernized flair, creating a combination that is difficult to resist.

Vintage style

Oak is arguably the most popular type of wood when it comes to making rustic kitchens. However, walnut and beech are also used, as well as mahogany, in some cases. But for those who find wood too expensive, then we recommend using laminates as an alternative, wherein you get different textures and tones that provide an original touch to the space without losing the elegance and warmth that only wood can bring. In this kitchen the beams of natural wood contrast with the finish of the furniture, which we see especially on the island. Here the color is pearl gray, which blends perfectly with the gray tiles and garnets on the floor and walls. On the other hand, we find some industrial element, like metal lamps, that although they break the rustic line of the room do not clash with the rest of gray surfaces that we see.

Old traditions

If you love a more classic wood look, then check out the details on this kitchen with a more traditional and sober design. The dark shade of wood produces a warm and homely feeling that invites you to spend the afternoon among the stoves. However, to add contrast and a visual impact, the kitchen wall is divided into parts that have both wood and tiles so that it does not become overwhelming and at the same time, maintain the warmth of the wood. A very rural detail that we can not be missed when observing this image is the bell with the head of carved wood that surely hides more than one story.

Among the furniture highlights the blue oven becomes a design statement. The combination of cream and dark wood create a beautiful balance that would have appeared bland if not for such details in color that compliments the beautiful finishing touch provided by the light colored countertop.

A touch of Provence

We can not deny that we are here in front of a typical rural style kitchen. On one side, the room shows us its wooden beams and a spectacular stone floor. Also, the furniture has been designed with care, mixing materials such as brick and wood, with a nice olive green tint. It is precisely this green that gives a slightly Provencal touch to this kitchen where beige predominates, and where a high drawer table, restored and painted cream, is used as a kitchen island. On the other hand, wooden shutters increase the rustic air of the space, as do the small decorative details: paintings, plants and basketry.

Modernizing the classics

An old demolished barn is the starting point of this modern but undeniably rustic kitchen. The wood that has been used in these solid kitchen furniture is made precisely with the materials salvaged from the barn. A sustainable and ecological design that starts from the old to create a practical, functional and modern kitchen that reinvents the rustic kitchen with a model that departs from the past to look without complex to the future.

Spacious kitchen

Sometimes the style of our kitchen marks the space itself. Here the imposing wooden beams, the plastered walls and the height of the walls almost oblige us to create a rustic style kitchen. Even so, you can always make some changes to further personalize its rural style. In this image, you can clearly see that the wood color has been replaced by a beige tone that on one side gives a certain modern look and on the other, gives way to the spectacular wooden ceiling.

Attention to details

The rustic style has the charm of old things and fresh country air. That is why, even if we choose more modern designs for the kitchen we can give some rural touch with small details. In this kitchen, flowers and vines, wicker baskets and wooden beams give a rural air that has the ability to make us feel like we were spending eternal summers in the house of our grandparents.

Rustic and industrial

Can a kitchen be both rustic and industrial? The answer can most definitely be found in this photograph. This industrial style kitchen is mixed with the most striking of rural designs. An imposing trunk becomes a unique countertop that makes us feel that we are in the depths of the forest in Snow White. On the other hand, the wooden worktop gives way to a concrete surface in which the sink and the stove is located. A combination that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Paint the walls

Although we are used to cladding the kitchen walls with tiles because they make cleaning simple and easy, however, a very original option may be to paint them. The current plastic paints allow a comfortable maintenance, besides giving a more casual and colorful touch to any type of kitchen, that could provide elegance to its rustic style. This example demonstrates how a mustard wall can be combined perfectly with original pieces of worn wood furniture.

A color coating

How about a very distinct backsplash? In this kitchen the furniture is light wood and have been combined with green appliances to match the tiles for a striking and vivid combination that exudes a distinct atmosphere.

If you like kitchens with a light rustic style and bold colors, then we recommend this combination of hues. For a more modern touch, you may choose rectangular tiles instead of squares and mark the space between pieces. Also, to further amplify its beauty, you may want to get some extra lighting that can shine over the walls and the countertop.

A rustic and authentic cuisine

We ended up with a kitchen somewhat more rudimentary than the others. In this design a white cloth takes care of hiding the objects stored in the shelves and a green chalkboard wall where you could jot down your recipes and your grocery list. If you are an avid follower of authentic cuisines, which deviate from the trends that you see in magazines, then we encourage you to personalize your kitchen by making the space adapt to you.

It is also the perfect design for those who are on a budget. With enough creativity, even the most affordable materials and furniture can make your kitchen stunning.

Were you able to get some ideas for your home on how to create a fusion between rustic and modern design?

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