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15 Small patios with lots of copy-worthy ideas

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Sad about your small patio? Don’t think you have enough space to take advantage of it. But you could be unnecessarily worrying about the lack of space. Check out these ideas and copy the ones that inspire you most. Yes, it is time for you to sit with your friends on the patio and enjoy the sunshine too. Let’s get started!

1. Turn to nature, add drama with plants

There are so many ways to decorate your small courtyard with plants and flowers. You may use colourful pots and strategically place them across the entire area. You can also hang plants and creepers on the wall.

2. Make comfortable seating arrangements

Introduce furniture and accessories with a personality and style suitable to the space. Choose lightweight straight\-back or reclining chairs that don’t occupy much space.

3. Take advantage of every available inch of your patio

Place pieces of furniture strategically. Complement them with decorative elements like outdoor artworks, carpets etc. Play with different materials. See how wooden chairs complement the surrounding in the image.

4. Opt for a relaxing zen garden

Mark out a special area and create a zen garden. Use pebbles, sand, plants and moss to decorate the area. When possible install a small fountain. In the evenings, place floating or perfumed candle to brighten the ambience.

5. Remember less is more, plan a minimalist garden

Go for minimalist decoration and offset the problem of space. Choose those elements absolutely indispensable for this area. Have a statement piece of furniture or artwork to focus the attention on.

6. Add life with flowers in an elongated space

Flowers can inject vivacity in any space in a matter of seconds. Play with colours, shapes and volumes. Choose bushy plants to give the space a charming flair. Be assured, there is no better way of improving the sensory experience.

7. Invest in a hammock and personalise

When space is scant, smart moves like these come to rescue. Instead of traditional chairs, place a hammock. Choose a shade complementary to the surrounding. Add delicacy and charm with flowers and plants.

8. Install a vertical garden and turn a nondescript space into something magical

Vertical gardens are a rage now. If you are an avid gardener who is limited due to a lack of space, then you will adore this idea. Choose your favourite plants to decorate the feature wall. Select only those that thrive in such condition.

9. Experiment with the style of floor

Play with the flooring materials. A wooden deck always works in an outdoor setting. Choose a combination of wood, gravel and vegetation to brighten up the area.

10. Choose plants by size and species

Choose those plants that add an extra dimension. Place them in such way that makes the small patio look more expansive. Plan the landscaping well. Have a healthy balance between seasonal and perennial plants.

11. Choose such combinations that add a feeling of space

In a small space combine colours with materials and create an optical illusion. This is a trick frequently employed by landscape architects and interior designers. Choose neutral shades for the flooring and brighter ones for the walls or vice versa.

12. Have plants of varying sizes and character

Invest in creepers, bushes and hedges. When possible play with the height of the plants. These intelligent tactics will add a wow-factor to your patio in almost no time.

13. Reserve a seat under the shade of a tree

Do not forget to reserve the favourite corner of your miniature courtyard. Make comfortable seating arrangements. Avoid any ostentatious piece of furniture as they may create clutter in a small space.

14. Pay attention to the details, add functional pieces

Add functional pieces that act as decorative features as well. Canopies, lighting fixtures, vases all fall into this category. Choose your options carefully. See how one a few pieces of furniture and decorative elements create a most pleasing patio for this house.

15. Invest in decorative planters

Decorative planters can add a touch of magic to any space. You need not invest in new ones. You can simply recycle your old furniture to create beautiful planters like these.

So are you ready to give your patio a much needed makeover?
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