10 fabulous colors to paint the walls of your small living room

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What color should we choose to paint a room with little space? The most obvious answer is white, right? Although the white color may brighten up a room to make it appear larger, it however, has that tendency of being bland, ascetic, or just plain lacking in character.

So why not combine white with another statement color in order to get the best of both worlds. You get the freshness and spacious appearance that white color brings, supported by another hue that has more personality and uniqueness. The psychology of color is the study that analyzes how colors affect human perception. This is something that a few years ago was hardly important. However, for some disciplines, such factor are taken into account.

Do you want to find out what color you must paint in your living room to get one or the other effect? Be sure to read this article with 10 recommendations to make the most of a small room.

1. Navy blue

Blue is the color most valued by people, its provides us with a positive mood. You may question the effect of this marine color, but hear us out. Yes, we know that dark colors tend to shrink the space, however, the trick is, to select the rest of the elements properly. Opt for furniture in white or neutral tones and decorate the room with a clean style with straight lines. If you follow these tips the result will surprise you.

2. Turquoise

In our second example we continue betting on blue, this time with a little green that will bring in a feeling of freshness and naturalness. This time we will not rely on the furniture to enlarge the space, but on the combination of different tones. It is a very effective trick, to use different tones in the walls, in our case turquoise blue and turquoise green as your statement walls.

3. Red

Vibrant colors like red tend to activate the rooms, filling them with energy. You have to be careful if you want to use red in a room, such as the living room, you may run the risk of it being a pain for the eyes. If you choose red, it is best to select cherry or burgundy tones and limit your energy with the combination of neutral tones such as white.

4. Textures as an element on your walls

The use of textures, as well as the mixture of colors, is an excellent trick to create a sensation of having more space. A good resource is the wallpaper that imitates the wood. Besides enlarging the space, wood also gives a warm touch to the room. In order not to overpower the natural feel, it is best to opt for neutral colors for the rest of the walls.

5. Bet on the target

At the beginning of this article it was commented that white is a safe bet to maximize the space of a small room. However, as explained, white can be a bit boring. To give it life and a focal point, a very simple and effective resource would be to decorate the walls with pictures or vinyls. This feature will allow you to take advantage of all the light that a white wall offers without it being bland.

6. Bicolor: gray and white

Another option to take advantage of white is to paint one of the walls in a neutral tone like gray or beige. In addition you can get a clean and balanced room if the furniture matches these colors. In order not to be overly sober, a pop of color can be included with items such as lamps or cushions.

7. Avocado Green

The green is a tone that, besides giving amplitude and light to the room, will grant naturalness to it. In the case of avocado green, the feeling of naturalness is especially significant. Avocado green is characterized by having yellow in its composition, so we recommend that its use be limited, that is, perhaps only on one of the walls. If the entire room is painted in this color the energy will be too much, and you wouldn't want to risk making the room appear tacky.

8. Minimalist

If you want to try to further maximize the space, then bet on the purest target. Do not use this tone only on the walls, but throughout the room. Walls, furniture, curtains,… let the cleanliness and the purity of color flood it all. A living room of just 15 square meters will become a great space that is radiating with light. All pure and simple. 

9. A touch of light that focuses attention

Another good way to get the room to shine is to bet on a game of neutral tones and a color element. In this example, the beige furniture tones and walls have pantones of the same color wheel. Upon entering the space your focus is drawn on a specific point, in this case, on a wine-colored marsala wall. The advantage of this is that the color tone is very elegant unlike most. what is sought is the eye-catching touch of color in a neutral environment.

10. Colors pastel

The pastel colors on the walls give an effect similar to neutral colors, with the advantage of being able to use its best properties, for example, using blue color to increase the positivity transmitted into a room. Its use has a calming effect, a characteristic that makes them ideal in rooms such as the living room.

Which statement color did you find most appealing for your living room?

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