11 beautiful flooring for terraces and patios

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You may think that in decorating your patio or terrace, that the furniture you choose is what matters most, but there is another thing that is very important in creating exactly the image that you want to convey: the flooring!

There are many options when choosing the right floor for the patio or terrace, and in homify, through this article, we want to show you 11 examples that will make you rethink your choice of flooring.

1. A floor that conforms to the style

Before changing the floor of your patio or terrace you must be aware of the wide variety of materials that exist and which ones are the most appropriate for the style of your home and / or your personal taste, as well as your budget.

You may opt for wood, natural stone, artificial stone, and ceramic tile… well, better start reading and see for yourself the difference between them.

2. Step by step: price per square meter?

The first thing you have to do is measure the space you'll need to cover and get an idea of the budget you're willing to spend. Of course, different materials also vary in cost.

The price of soils is usually shown in ringgit per square meter, so checking the bill is simple. Find out about the cheapest and / or most expensive materials in your area.

3. Ceramic tile

The ceramic tile material is not too expensive, and it is also very functional, easy to clean, and they have options that have an anti-slip finish.

Remember not to choose a color that is too light, let alone white. For outdoor areas, the light reflects too much and becomes uncomfortable for the eyes. As you can see, gray tones are great.

4. Clay

Clay tiles are a really favorable alternative to an exterior space, given that they provide a rustic finish.

In addition you will find some bigger models and others smaller, according to your preferences: of 24cm x 12cm x1,5 cm of thickness and a weight of 0.80kg; with 32 pieces covers 1 square meter; or those of 30cm x 30cm x 1,5cm of thickness that each weighs 2.5kg and with 11 pieces covers 1 square meter. The separation between one and another will be about 2 centimeters and a half.

5. Natural stone slabs

Natural stone slabs can be the most welcoming and beautiful alternative you can put in your patio. In addition, you will find them in different sizes, shapes and even colors, so you can choose the one you like and even combine several. It is a material that, logically, weighs a lot (between 54kg and 60kg per square meter); so you'll need someone to help you transport it and, of course, to install it.

6. Stones for the lawn

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An alternative that you can combine with the previous one, is to place slabs of natural stone but in this case embedded in natural grass. You can make a path as beautiful as this, and even cover the whole floor completely in this way.

You can consult any of our landscape architects.

7. Gravel

The main difference between pebbles and gravel is that the latter is smaller than the first (but more uniform than sand). It is a very easy and safe way to give a new life to your soil, and it hardly requires any maintenance. And if you find it uncomfortable to walk on it, you can choose to add a few wooden slats like those in the picture.

8. Types of stones

There are many types of stones that you can find in sacks by weight:

- Marble stone in 20kg bags: 3.5 covers 0.25m²; and the so-called ¼ gravel covers 1 square meter.

- Sea stone, varied size, is achieved in sacks of 20kg depending on the size of the stone covers 0.50m²; 0.75 square meters.

- River stones are sold in 60kg bags: 3.5 covers 0.50sqm; the 1.5 covers 1.4m²; the 1/2 ’covers 1.5 square meters.

9. Beautiful wood

Wood is a fantastic material both for interior and exterior. Do not worry about placing it on your terrace or patio, since being for outdoors, it will need to have regular coating to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Even though it is a material that requires more care and attention than others, we still think that it's worth it!

10. Artificial turf

Artificial grass is a good alternative when we are looking for that naturalness and greenery but without the incredible work of maintaining natural grass. It is a good alternative for both for a whole garden or a small courtyard.

11. Combining lawn, wood and gravel

Finally, we close this book of ideas with the combination of different materials in the same space. The truth is that a variety of colors and textures is the most favorable.

Which type of patio or terrace flooring did you like the most?

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