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Dining tables: Round or rectangular?

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If there is an essential element in the dining room that is, without a doubt, the dining table and its chairs. So when it comes to deciding what type of table we want for the dining room, we often get boggled from the many choices we are faced with: what material do we use? For how many diners? How is it going to be positioned? What shape? In our article, we are going to focus on this last aspect: do we want a round dining table or do we prefer rectangular? The debate goes one. Some people prefer round tables with a Lazy Susan in the middle and some find them to be less classy than rectangular or square ones. However, both have many advantages and some drawbacks. So now… let the fight begin: round tables versus rectangular tables.

1. Position

Retro Corian Dining Table Wharfside Furniture Dining roomTables
Wharfside Furniture

Retro Corian Dining Table

Wharfside Furniture

One of the first things you will have to ask yourself when you choose a type of dining table is the position in which you place it in and the available space. A round table occupies space in a very particular way: everything revolves around it. That is why when we decide on a round table we must take into account this detail and be aware that we need breadth around it, so that we can move around, without being uncomfortable for any of the diners. They are usually placed along the center of the room rather than adjacent to a wall or a corner.

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Kanteen Table in Reclaimed French Oak

Salvation Furniture

However, for the elongated rooms, the rectangular tables are perfect, as they provide more seating capacity. Another advantage, for dining rooms with difficult distribution is that they can to the wall, which does not support the round table.

2. Sociability

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Norweigian Wood

Amber Design

One point to consider when choosing a table is how it influences or promotes the sense of togetherness during mealtimes and special occasions. A round table has a great advantage with respect to the rectangular ones: they generate greater sociability, since none of the diners presides the table. All are equally important and there are no hierarchies.

The same goes for square tables like the one we see in the photograph. This is a table for eight people in which none of them is above the other. However, a square table can not be very large as it would take up a lot of space. For the same number of diners it would be much more appropriate to have an elongated table, since it always occupies less space.

3. Capacity

As stated earlier, rectangular tables have an advantage that round tables nor the square cannot compete with: the seating capacity. Imagine if we had to place all the chairs we see in the picture along a round table. The diameter of the table would be so long that diner's can hardly hear the one across the table because of the huge table between them. It will also take up a lot of floor area, with a space in the middle of the table that is hard to access.

However, an elongated table manages to create a niche for more people to eat on less surface. So if what you are looking for a dining table for great celebrations, the we advise you to choose the rectangular table.

The legs

When deciding for a round table, one of the aspects that can tip the balance is the location of the legs. Many models usually rest on a single central foot, thus eliminating the four typical legs of the square and rectangular tables. In this way, nobody would have to fight for legroom.

The corners

Another advantage of round tables compared to rectangular ones is that they have no corners. They are more comfortable and less dangerous for smaller rooms. And let's face it… who hasn't hit their hip or thigh against the corner of a table? With a round table, that is less likely to happen.

In summary

The round tables are an important aesthetic option, with some clear advantages. They are more welcoming, versatile, social and less annoying for diners: the legs are less uncomfortable and because there are no corners we avoid homemade accidents. However they require a very special space and are not suitable for celebrations that require more seating.

But it is true that round tables have something very special: they are pleasant, engaging for conversation, and all the guests are almost the same distance from each other.

Palma de Malljorca (Home) Lewis & Co Modern dining room
Lewis & Co

Palma de Malljorca (Home)

Lewis & Co

The rectangular tables are the most commonly used which shows that people go for practicality, function and comfort. On the one hand, they are perfect for elongated dining rooms, on the other hand they allow for many more diners in less space. If we have little space, we can place the table stuck to the wall, which we can not do with the round.

But in the end, the important point of all is your own taste. After evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of each table and finally, it is you who must find one that calls out to you. Choosing a table, in fact, seems a bit like love. You could not say why, but when you're in front of the perfect table you just know it.

Which type of table would you place in your dining room?
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