25 small garden ideas to decorate your home

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small garden can transform any home by adding color, fragrance and vitality to the space. Regardless of size, location or type of plants used, natural elements always bring life and beauty to any corner. In this article, we are going to present 25 wonderful mini gardens that are perfect for small spaces: with the size and type of decoration that beautifies the entrance and pathways leading to the interior of the home.

1. A garden along a pathway

There are homes that have a corridor between the gate and the house itself. These spaces can be difficult to decorate, so we recommend that you place a small garden as in the image above. With a few stones, polished cement spheres, and a small water feature, you can get really amazing results.

2. Combining different elements

Any corner can be used to give a little life and color to the home. Although the space is small, you can mix it with different materials such as terra cotta tiles, stones, foliage, and a water feature for a refreshing and calming sound.

3. Distinct space

The organic plants and shrubs can be a great ally for the decoration of your garden. Choose plants with particular appearances which will provide a unique and original touch to your space.

4. A safe bet

If you are afraid to take risks and prefer something more traditional and safe, they you may opt for the combination of green plants with stones. This way you can rest assured that you have not failed in choosing the garden decoration since it is easier to pull off.

5. Nothing is missing

The garden in this image could be a perfect replica of another larger one, and it is that it has everything. Even with very little space, this small corner was arranged with vegetation, stones, gravel, a bamboo wall and even a small fountain!

6. Reversing the space

It is possible that in your house you have some corner that is an eye-sore and you just do not know how to take advantage of it? But surely there are infinite possibilities to transform it. In this case they have built a small path surrounded by plants that create an enchanting atmosphere.

7. Art in the garden

As we have shown in the previous examples, the combination of stones and plants is a union that never fails. Here, you can also include objects like vases to make the garden a more artistic and attractive.

8. Decorate with pots

The fact of not having a solid ground space, is not a reason to stop having a garden at home. Even with planters and plants of different sizes can create spaces brimming natural life.

9. Add some furniture

Complementing the decoration of the garden or aisle with furniture can be a way to take better advantage of the space and give it a personal touch. In addition, with the right furniture you can transform the place into a corner of rest and relaxation.

10. A vertical garden

The vertical garden is a perfect solution for those who want to place some plants on the outside, but do not have enough space on the floor. A simple option to give a little life to that boring space that you do not know how to transform.

11. Serenity and relaxation

A garden of zen and minimalist style is very easy to do. Simply put together some plants, stones and a water source. With this you will invite good energy and make peace and harmony reign in your home.

12. Another minimalist example

The minimalist garden in many cases can be our solution for small spaces. It is not only easy to do, but it is also easy to maintain. Choose simple and pure forms to enhance harmony and order.

13. Small and colorful

Next to the main door or next to any window that connects to the interior, is good for placing flowers and plants. They will not only add a touch of color to the place, but will fill it with life and joy.

14. A more sophisticated space

Elegance and modernity go hand in hand. Designing patios and gardens is no exception. If we add some natural life to refined furniture, you can get a space as comfortable and pleasant as the image.

15. Water and stone

ROOF GARDEN MARTÍNEZ, Arqca Arqca Modern style gardens

The combination of natural elements is always a good option to have a garden where you breathe peace and tranquility. Stone and water, for example, are two elements that fit perfectly, conveying calmness and serenity.

16. To highlight details

Use natural resources at your disposal to highlight those details that you consider most important. As you can see, a simple green line can decorate and highlight the entryway to your house.

17. Use planters

Instead of using the wall to install a hanging garden like the one we have seen before, you can get a custom-built planter and plant those species that you like. A brilliant idea for it is low cost and it has a modern and elegant appeal.

18. Original and modern

A modern fence in the garden can give a modern touch to the entire facade. In addition to protecting the privacy of the home, it also draws in more sunlight for the small garden.

19. Bamboo reeds

As we have seen in some examples above, bamboo is a very good element to create spaces of modern and minimalist appearance. It combines well with any other element, especially stone, and does not need much maintenance.

20. A multicolored garden

The diversity of colors and species is what will make your garden a unique and personal place. But you also have to think about how to highlight the different shades of flowers and plants. This way, empty and dull gray walls transform into focal points as the vibrant garden draws in positive feelings.

21. Another color tone

Another way of giving a little pigment to the garden can be by placing imposing and colorful flower pots. You will be able to give the garden the bold and lively touch that you were looking for.

22. Potting structures

The possibilities when it comes to decorating the garden or patio are endless. In addition to flower pots and planters, you can hang a structure on the wall that will hold up the pots. The material made of wood and wrought iron exudes a kind of charm that is befitting a beautiful villa.

23. A futuristic garden

A combination of modern, minimalist elements, paired with water and a hanging garden will make the entrance a place as spectacular as the image. A very elegant space in which geometric lines and light colors stand out.

24. Do not forget the lighting

At night, you can continue to maintain your garden as alive as during the day. Use the LED lamps to highlight the cactus or plants that you like. Projecting the light upward will provide you with these fascinating effects.

25. Modern and colorful

We end with this daring design. A small garden based on a triking colored planter with modern style and shiny and smooth finish. Go ahead and match the pots and planters with the color scheme of your house.

If you are thinking of renovating your garden and applying some of the ideas that we have shown you, then feel free to leave a comment below.

Are you planning on creating a small garden in your home? What type of garden would you want to have?

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