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Wonderful outdoor lighting ideas

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When we think of décor and design, it is often relative to the interiors of our homes. Yet the exterior can be just as important in making the right impression on friends, neighbours, and passers by. More than this, there are tremendous personal benefits to creating outdoor spaces worth spending time in. Nature has documented healing properties. It can enhance our creativity and concentration whilst also promoting tranquillity and relaxation. One crucial element in creating a pleasant ambiance within a given area is its lighting. As we know about our interiors, there are a multitude of different lighting options. Each helps to cultivate a certain mood or atmosphere within a room. The same applies to the outdoors! In the evening when darkness falls, it’s time for your outdoor lighting to shine! Here are some unique and wonderful ideas for outdoor lighting to spruce up your home’s exterior.

Make a good first impression

We’ve all had the experience of being unable to find the pathway to the front door of a home and subsequently being forced walk across the front lawn. This scenario can be awkward for guests and it certainly does not make the optimal first impression. It can often arise not because the path itself is not well kept, but that there is insufficient light to illuminate it. Therefore, investing in a good lighting system to mark your entryway is a practical step that will make your home far more welcoming. Additionally, they can add a sense of anticipation as guests embark upon the front door that will give the entryway a regal effect. The lights lining the entryway to this home by Isabela Canaan Arquitetos e Associados create a sultry glow that echoes the lights on either side of the front door. Accompanying your entry lighting with plants is also a sumptuous touch.

Light that invites you in

Now that we’ve crossed the entryway, it’s time to assess the porch. A well-illuminated entry followed by a grim and dim porch seems to us like an on non sequitur. More yet, the porch is often a striking part of the home’s façade. It deserves the TLC to represent a well-maintained interior. For example, this porch would lose much of its beauty if it weren’t lit by the gorgeous honey coloured glow emanating from the recessed lights on either side of the porch. The result is that the home’s features are made positively enchanting. Putting a little bit of thoughtfulness into the porch lighting can help your home look its very best. Additionally, if your porch is well-lit and inviting, it might become your own favourite hangout.

Make your garden magical

On the topic of making an outdoor space your new favourite hangout, let’s now give our attention to the garden. It is no secret that the garden can be a truly magical place. There are many books and movies that feature enchanted and ethereal gardens, and it’s for good reason. Being enveloped in your own little earthen hideaway is a remarkable way to immerse yourself in nature. You can curate the surroundings to include all your favourite plants and even your favourite wildlife. Yet, without proper lighting all the fun ends as soon as the sun goes down. This can be a shame because the natural world tends to liven up in the evenings. As for lighting, there are a few options that we absolutely adore. For one, incorporating some lighting into the bushes, hedges, or garden plot will illuminate the natural beauty at night. We also love the idea of bringing in beautiful light fixtures that can double as ornaments like the orb lights featured in this garden.

Take to the trees

Another lighting technique that can work beautifully in the garden or anywhere surrounding the home’s exterior is to illuminate the trees with string lights. This effect extends way beyond Christmas time in adding a captivating aesthetic to your home’s landscape. The lights on the trees will radiate a gentle glow, and when multiple trees are lit, the whole yard can come to life. There is just something extraordinary about the look of the trees in this outdoor patio. The atmosphere they create is utterly romantic. Another excellent element of enveloping your trees in string lights is that each one will take on a different appearance. Therefore, this is a lovely way to add some individuality to your home’s exterior.

Lights on the terrace/balcony

As with the porch, the only way you’ll get the most out of your terrace or balcony is if there is sufficient light on there at night. Enjoying a drink or an intimate conversation with a loved one on the terrace on a balmy evening is surely one of the best parts of having one. The effect is best achieved when the light is not overly harsh or synthetic in feel. That’s why we love the idea of using a series of recessed or inbuilt lights to illuminate it. The resulting light will be soft and atmospheric rather than creating an intense spotlight effect. Because these outdoor havens can be prone to bugs, you can also supplement your terrace lighting with citronella candles. A decorative torch or two can also be fun. In fact, this tip also applies to gardens.

Get creative!

Cracked Log Lamps Duncan Meerding Garden Lighting
Duncan Meerding

Cracked Log Lamps

Duncan Meerding

Many of us are not as well versed in landscaping, and exterior lighting can seem a bit less creatively inspiring than when we discuss interior lighting. The options for floor lighting in particular can feel quite limited at first glance. To finish off our list, we’d like to discuss the innovative ideas you can choose from in illuminating the outdoors. That is why we think this is an amazing idea! These lights look like ordinary tree stumps by day, and at night they burst with light. Incorporating nature into your light fixtures or at least letting natural aesthetics inspire your choice will help integrate your home into its surroundings while also making the task of lighting your home’s exterior more fun. This can even be a great time to engage in a new DIY project.

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These are just a few ideas for illuminating outdoor spaces. We'd love to hear yours. Let us know in the comments section, below!
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