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20 stunning detached houses for the most discerning homeowners!

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Owning a detached house is a dream for so many of us and there are a host of amazing styles to choose from, so before you start worrying that you'll never fulfil your ambition, check out some of our favourite styles, as one of these could be within your budget and grasp! In fact, if you hire the right architect, you might find that your available budget could get you something really special and unusual, so why not enjoy a few minutes with us now, drinking in some fabulous detached home inspiration? We think you'll love more than a few of these incredible properties!

1. This charming bungalow certainly dispels any myths that living over one storey has to be a fuddy-duddy affair. Just look at the amazing mix of materials here!

2. The Alpine inspiration is clear to see in this lovely contemporary cabin! The use of lots of white has freshened up the aesthetic so much.

3. WOAH! This house is so luxurious and striking that they had to build a whole row of them and what a look, en masse! Love the pool and flat roof design!

4. Neutral wood cladding and a unique corner conservatory have crafted a striking Colonial-inspired house that we LOVE. What a great way to connect two wings!

5. Such a striking project! Part-cabin, part-contemporary villa, this design is really unusual but certainly does look like a great home.

6. Speaking of villas, just look at this large Mediterranean-inspired home! Every day would feel like a holiday if you lived here!

7. Natural stone, smooth render and contrasting roof tiles all look tonally perfect here! This home has such a welcoming and warm ambience, don't you think?

8. Oh come on! Is this amazing cabin straight out of a fairytale or what? So magical and unusual. We NEED this house!

9. You can't ever go wrong with a little tradition! The integrated garage and two-storey design here just scream of a perfect family house. Charming!

10. The modular design of this home has made for a façade that really keeps you guessing! Just look at all the balconies, terraces and lovely boxed-in spaces! Wow!

11. If you've ever thought about painting a home a fun colour, let this property inspire you to take the plunge! Periwinkle blue cladding is nothing short of stunning and has turned this house into a dream home!

12. Did someone say Neoclassical? What a truly astonishing home this is! Talk about indulging all your wildest design fantasies! And that sand-coloured façade? Divine!

13. Simple can be better, which is why this lovely dark wood cabin home could be the answer to lots of people's homeowner dreams!

14. We think we're seeing some Eastern influence here! pastel façade tones and a striking roof have given this home serious kerb appeal.

15. Hello stately home! Is this house straight out of a pride and Prejudice adaptation? Well, we aren't too proud to say that we love it!

The Downes homify Country style house

The Downes


16. Split roof designs have a natural knack for making any property look a million times more interesting and contemporary. The wood cladding doesn't hurt here either!

17. Now this is a bungalow with a difference! Clearly featuring a loft conversion, it must be wonderfully large inside, as well as pretty on the outside!

18. Is this the ultimate country home? So rustic and almost agricultural in style, it blends with the landscape perfectly.

19. How would you describe this house? It's got a little bit of everything, including retro style, classic motifs and to top it all off, the most elegant façade colour scheme ever.

20. With a house this gorgeous, what option was there but to flank it with two smaller versions, as summerhouses and sheds? Love that woodland cabin feel!

For more stunning architecture, take a look at this Ideabook: Everything you need to know about Neomodern architecture.

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