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10 Fabulous ideas to decorate a garden with little money

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How to fix a garden with little money? Is this the question bothering you most? Then take a deep breath. Today we will share with you some fantastic solutions to beautify your frontyard or backyard. Better yet, you will be able to accomplish most of these within a tight budget. It is common for many people to buy an old house and renovate it according to their tastes. But when it comes to fixing an abandoned garden they find themselves short on inspirations. Don’t worry. This would not happen any longer. Not after you finish reading this article.

1. Clean the lawn and introduce green plants

Let’s begin with the most basic step. Clean your lawn, trim the grasses and root out the weeds. Depending upon the size of your lawn, it may take you a day or two. But this will have an immediate impact on the surrounding environment. Don’t forget to buy a few green plants and plant them strategically across the field. Include both seasonal flowers and perennials in your collection.

2. A zen garden

A zen garden could be a peaceful retreat within the premise of your own home. Select a corner suitable for the purpose. Spread gravel, sand and pebbles on the ground. Create a source of flowing water like a small fountain or utilise one already in the compound. Introduce greenery.

3. Indoor garden

Many city homes suffer from acute space crunch. If you are living in one such building, try to utilise the living area and create a small indoor garden. Buy potted plants, invest in a desktop zen garden or terrace garden. You may even use potted plants to decorate the stairways.

4. Cosy corners

Select a cosy corner where you would like to spend most of your time with your loved ones. Create a vertical landscape. Make a few seating arrangements and relax in this peaceful retreat whenever necessary.

5. The importance of lighting

Availability of light is very important for your indoor and outdoor garden. If you have a greenhouse or orangery, you can invest in greenhouse lighting and give your plants an opportunity to grow rapidly and beautifully. Install stand lighting fixtures and traditional lanterns in your terrace garden or front deck.

6. Enjoy gardening in unusual nooks and corners

Who said you must only have proper landscaping for your front and backyard? Take advantage of the sides of the buildings. Plant green trees, create a shaded path and place recliners to bask under the sun. Have a few bushy trees along with flowering plants and orchids.

7. Small vegetable garden

Who doesn’t like the taste of fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetable? Select a small area and grow your very own vegetable garden. Plant easy to grow fruits and vegetable like peas, tomatoes, beans, mint, parsley and onions in this space. With some advantage knowledge and little more space, you can grow apple, strawberries and figs in your own garden.

8. Colourful plants

Add variety by introducing plants with colourful leaves. Plants like croton, aglaonema, purple passion, calathea, snake plant and dragon tree can add a sense of drama to the  interior and exterior of your house.

9. Beautifying the façade

Add a few plants close to the house and give your façade a charming uplift. Choose between short plants and those having medium height to create a sense of depth. Vary between leaf colours as well.

10. Charming front garden

With a hint of colour, ceramic pots and ingenuous placing of plants and trees you can add a sensuous touch to your front garden. Remember, this is the space that your guests come to see first. So, keep it in order and maintain a warm and welcoming look of your house. To find more inspirations these inspiring garden full of ideas.

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