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Dining tables: round or rectangular?

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The central piece of any dining room is the table and the chairs around it. So when it comes to decorating this area, one of the most crucial decisions that come up is what kind of dining set to get for the room. There are a lot of different factors involved in the choosing the right table including the material, size and shape. This ideabook will focus on the latter and weigh the pros and cons of the two most common shapes for dining room tables: round or rectangular. Some people prefer one over the other, but for those who are still undecided, we hope this short guide can help you pick the perfect round or square table for your dining room.

1. Position

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Retro Corian Dining Table

Wharfside Furniture

One of the first things to consider when choosing a dining room table is its position in the room and the space around it. A round table occupies space in a very distinct way with everything revolving around it. If you and your interior designer decide to go for a round table, it’s important that there is enough space around and the residents can move freely with little trouble.

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Kanteen Table in Reclaimed French Oak

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Which occupies less space, round or rectangular tables? If room is limited, homeowners may want to opt for square or rectangular. For longer rooms, rectangular tables may be best since they offer a lot more space for a bigger number of diners while taking up less space around it. Another advantage of square or rectangular tables is they can be set up against the wall in even smaller rooms, which cannot be done with round ones.

2. Sociability

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Norweigian Wood

Amber Design

The social aspect of eating is also important when choosing a round or square table set. After all, meals are as much for good conversations as they are for good food. A round table has a great advantage in that all of the diners can communicate easily sitting in a circle. It’s easier to engage with everyone here. Since there is no literal “head of the table”, it also puts the residents on even ground and equal footing.

3. Capacity

On the other hand, a rectangular table can offer more seating areas than a round one while occupying the same amount of space. The capacity of rectangular tables is unparalleled, a definite plus for large families or households that often have guests and dinner parties. To fit the same number of seats as the long table above in a round table, a homeowner would have to find a very big round table!

4. The legs

It’s not the first thing that inexperienced designers usually think about when choosing a dining room set, but the legs can be significant to the comfort of the residents. Many models of round tables only have a single leg – as opposed to a rectangular one that usually sport four – which means the diners have ample leg room while eating.

5. Corners

Round tables also have no edges, which can be more comfortable and less dangerous, especially in smaller spaces. For families with little kids constantly running around, a round table can eliminate the fear of having one accidentally run into a corner one of these days.

To summarize…

Round tables are a great aesthetic option, with several clear advantages. They’re very welcoming, versatile, social and comfortable for diners with less legs and zero corners to take up space and bump into. It is true that round tables are pleasant, offering an intimate and inviting vibe for conversations as all of the guests are facing each other at nearly the same distance. However, they require a particular kind of space and offer limited room for large crowds and frequent get-togethers.

Palma de Malljorca (Home) Lewis & Co Modern dining room
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Palma de Malljorca (Home)

Lewis & Co

Meanwhile, rectangular tables are known to be very practical, functional and comfortable to all kinds of diners. They are a perfect fit for elongated dining rooms, but also allow more diners in less space. As a design piece, it’s also more versatile since you can even push it against the wall if there is limited space.

In the end, would you go for a round or rectangular table? It ultimately depends on the most important point: your personal taste. Finding the right elements for the home isn’t just about weighing the pros and cons of each piece, but finding individual pieces that you actually like and would enjoy seeing everyday. There are endless of spectacular dining sets out there, so go out and find the perfect one for you.

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