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The Ribbon House: Ingenuity in Residential Architecture

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It is difficult not to fall in love with the design of the Ribbon House. Its wave like structure feels very much in tune with contemporary architecture. After all, contemporary design is epitomised by flowing lines and wave like patterns. Biomimetic architecture is making headlines across the globe. However, Johnny Wong and Miho Hirabayashi – the founder of FAK3 and designers of the Ribbon House – show how a simple everyday object can also be a rich source of inspiration.

The finer details of the Ribbon House

The Ribbon House is located on the hilly terrain of Hong Kong. The position of the house commands a fantastic view of the South China see. The present building was erected in the place of an old house which was standing in the same plot for many years. The four stories of the building have a cumulative living area of 929 sq metres. Each level opens up to the slopes of the ground on which it stands.

Staircase with an innovative design

The owners insisted on having a holistic structure for their future home. Naturally, the team at FAK3 strove hard to maintain synergy between the exterior of the house and its interiors. Here you can see the ribbon-like staircase giving access to each of the levels of the house. It acts like a piece of sculpture in a space dominated by pearly white tone.

Kitchen decor

The Ribbon House boasts of a minimalist kitchen. The shape and size of the plot contributes to its design. It is important to have sufficient light in this part of the building. Ceiling mounted lighting fixtures not only fulfil this necessity, but also keep the interior atmosphere cheery. Wall mounted shelves help to keep everything in order. The modular nature of the kitchen also contributes to tidy look.

The kitchen as well as the adjacent dining room has access to the ground beyond. Even when they are close, glass-paned doorways help maintaining the connection with the nature outside.

Hallway design

Owing to its innovative design, the hallway looks bright and spacious. It immediately puts the visitors at ease. The entire space is flooded with artificial light which helps maintain the geniality of the interior atmosphere. From here one can also catch a quick glimpse of the upper floor levels.


The bathroom windows offer the most exquisite views of the surrounding area. They also allow natural light to flow inside the space uninhibited. The large mirror mounted on the wall magnifies the amount of available light. Its presence also offsets the slightly oblong shape of the bathroom. The matte texture of the flooring is nicely contrasted with shimmering white bathroom tiles mounted on the wall.  

The bathtub is place in one side of the bathroom. Like other parts of the building, the colour scheme is dominated by shades of white and grey. The bathroom also boasts of sufficient storage space.

An award winning interior design

The first floor level is designed with four bedrooms and a terrace to enjoy the views of the surrounding. The lower levels are dedicated to the living room, kitchen, dining area and garage. The lower basement level has three further bedrooms, including two guest apartments, and a home gym. This space two has an easy access to a private garden.

The spiralling staircase, a view of which you can see in the image above, is broadest at its base and narrows down as it winds upward. It took two years for the architects to make the house ready for possession. In 2016, the Ribbon House won American Architecture Prize’s award for the “Best House Interior”.

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