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A tiny Hong Kong apartment with a timeless appeal

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If you have thought designing a home with a functional yet timeless appeal is impossible, you will have reasons to think otherwise today. For we are going to show you a tiny Hong Kong apartment with a ravishing style. The apartment occupies a building in Wan Chai, a major centre of commerce and trade in Hong Kong. Let’s step inside and see why we found it so special.

Living room

With only a living of 354 square feet, it is one of the smallest apartments to occupy. But in Hong Kong, where every square inch of space is sold at an exorbitant rate, this is quite common. It is not so common though to find it so stylish and organised. In the image above you can see a glimpse of the living room. One a small two seater grey tone sofa occupies its central position. 

The wall facing the sofa is used for installing a large storage unit. It is smartly concealed behind sliding doors. The entire room bathes in cheery light which is a key ingredient for a small room. It tends to make it look bigger and more habitable. The colour palette is simple and dominated by white tone. In the distance you can see additional storage space just under the flooring.

Storage cabinet in the living room

In this image you can see the interior of the cleverly concealed storage area. It is full of important household objects of everyday use. Anytime, the owners of the apartment can just close the sliding doors and enjoy their favourite program on the tv. You can also see a tiny table with a lightweight chair serving the dual purpose of studying and dining.

Small kitchen design

All credit goes to the interior stylist for designing a fully functional kitchen in such a small space. Except for the L-shaped kitchen island, it boasts of floating shelves which resolve the storage problem in this part of the apartment. The kitchen is designed with a built in oven. The washing machine is tucked cleanly under the kitchen island.

Dining area

You have already enjoyed a glimpse of the dining area. It has a small table with two accompanying chairs. As an extra seating arrangement, a lightweight bench is also placed there. More storage units are built on the wall just beside the main door. The top of this cabinet is decorated with a large photograph of the owners and small art objects.

Home office

The designer also managed to create a small home office in the apartment. It is separated from the living room by a small partition. The owners are also lovers of music. So The space is decorated with wall mounted tables with arrangements for musical instruments as well as items important devices for work such as a desktop computer and tablet. The table also has built in file cabinets and shelves to neatly store away all the office items.

Small bedroom

Using a glass partition, the bedroom has been separated from the living room. It is a small but delightful space to be in. Except for a comfortable bed and wall mounted wardrobes, the bedroom boasts of hardly any other article of furniture. This minimalist approach helps to keep it uncluttered and chic. Large windows throw warm sunshine all long. It makes the interior atmosphere look even more cheerful.

Small bathroom design

The small bathroom follows similar colour scheme to the rest of the apartment. Use of stone on the vanity units adds a glamorous touch. Large frameless mirror has built in bathroom cabinet. Additional shelves built on the wall also increase the storage space. Glass partitions make the space look roomier and more comfortable.

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Which feature of this tiny Hong Kong apartment did you find most attractive?
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