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Best ideas to separate the kitchen from the living room!

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Whether you're a fan of open concept living spaces or not, sometimes we have connected areas in our home that we wish to divide. Common reasons for this are either privacy, or function and a common problem area is the barrier (or lack of barrier) between the kitchen and living room.

It can be disrupting to those in our living room if the kitchen is too close and too involved—it can also create an illusion of smaller space in the kitchen to have a seamless flow from one room to the other.  If you prefer open-concept living, then this won't be an issue for you—however, if you've grown tired of the lack of division within certain living spaces, we have created a list of ways you can properly separate your kitchen and living room without making it too separate!

Separate glass sliding doors to illuminate

We understand that adding glass sliding doors to the interior of your home might seem a little odd or hard to construct.  It might also seem like too-permanent of a structure. However, adding glass sliding doors will easily allow you to change the space from open to closed between your kitchen and living room—it will also allow for a seamless, transparent separation which is nice for several reasons.

One reason this could be a great option is because of it's ability to be versatile—allowing you to make it open when dinner is done, or closed while cooking is in progress.  Also, depending on what type of sliding doors you choose it can allow both natural and artificial light to filter into both spaces!

Separate with an aquarium

1500 litre bespoke through wall aquarium in a Surrey home Aquarium Services Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Aquarium Services

1500 litre bespoke through wall aquarium in a Surrey home

Aquarium Services

A harder one to construct and definitely depending on your tastes, an aquarium used as a barrier between the kitchen and living room is another option.  The great part about using an aquarium is that is can be any size you wish it to be, and it will add an interesting design element to both the living room and kitchen.  

We do suggest that if you are leaning towards this option that you hire professionals for installation and maybe a designer to help you decide what size and types of decor will be best for your space.

Double face fitted wall or a bookshelf

Below we will discuss how to easily install a bespoke plasterboard wall, so here we will show how bookshelves can work as barriers too.  Bookshelves are great because most homeowners can always use more shelving space—whether it be for books or small decorative accessories.  They are also easy to customize and install and can keep your guests entertained while both providing groups of people, in the kitchen or living room, a sense of privacy.

This homeowner chose a narrow barrier wall with a decorative wall paper that matches the black and white colour scheme in the kitchen and a small bookshelf to the right—which adds a great pop of colour!

Want to try a double-barrier for more separation? Think about placing a fitted-wall and the dining room table parallel to it for extra cushioning like seen here!

Bespoke plasterboard wall

Plasterboard walls are one of the greatest interior architecture techniques one can use.  You can install these easily in one weekend—including paint and finishing touches, for a minimal amount of money. Also, due to their easy installation, they are easy to remove when the time comes.  

Luckily for homeowners, if you design them right, they can offer more counter space, or an area to place serving dishes and platters for dinner parties. We suggest you choose to construct a wall that is slightly higher than your counter tops (like seen here) to make it known that it's a separate entity from the kitchen counters.  If you want a more seamless look, then build it according to the height of the kitchen counters and use the same materials on top to make it seem like an addition of counter space!

If a plasterboard wall is too cheap for you, or you want a rather grand look, try a larger addition like the one seen here!

With a kitchen peninsula

Kitchen peninsulas are similar to plasterboard walls in that they're somewhat easy to install and can provide extra countertop space—however, one advantage that they have in being free-standing is that they can also provide tons of extra storage for pots, pans and utensils!

This designers perfectly matched the peninsula to the rest of the kitchen and added a decorative shelf that plays with the wooden elements in the room that can hold cookbooks! What a great idea!

Even smaller bar areas can provide a great barrier, being taller and more narrow!

With a fireplace

Lastly, a fireplace might be the perfect addition.  If you do not have a pre existing fireplace, than this option could be the most work construction wise—but it will be a permanent and great element of your home for years and decades to come.  The functionality of a fireplace is also great in that it can often provide enough warmth to heat the entire first floor of the home and give a cozy, dim light.

This is a rather versatile option in that you can completely customize the size of the fireplace and how wide it will be (how much of a barrier it will create) and it will create a cozy space for your guests that are waiting on your finished product!

Have you created a barrier between your kitchen and living room? Tell us what your reasons were by commenting below!
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