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A small loft apartment in Hong Kong with an amazing interior

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Loft apartments have become one of the most fashionable urban residential spaces to own. They offer privacy, a great view of the surrounding city and, in case of Hong Kong, the azure charm of Victoria Harbour and beyond. Gone are the days when loft spaces were used to store away unused household items. Sometimes there were rented out to the students as a cheap housing solution. Seeing the interior of this loft apartment will remind you anything but of a dusty old attic.

Open plan architecture

The apartment follows an open plan design. It occupies mere 75 sq metre floor area. Yet it feels so utterly breezy, stylish and relaxing. With clever design tactics, the interior designer managed to create an illusion of space. Courtesy the large glass windows the entire space bathes in natural light throughout the day. It creates a positive impact on the interior. Besides, this is important for the health and wellbeing of the occupants of a house.

Living room designed in style

The chic living room décor leaves everyone completely enamoured. A large sectional sofa occupies the central position of this part of the apartment. Its modern sectional design and soft white colour are in tune with the overall décor of the room. One of the walls has been used to design a built in bookcase. The kitchen is occupies the space behind the living room.

Kitchen décor

From this point, you can enjoy a closer view of the kitchen. It is designed with a 4 metre long kitchen island, a part of which acts as a bar cum dining table. It is supplied with a couple of trendy high chairs. All the kitchen appliances are neatly tucked in the kitchen cabinet and under the island. The warmth of wood flooring complements the all-white walls, ceiling and important pieces of furniture.     

At a distance, you can see a glimpse of the bedroom. It is custom designed and acts as a wooden platform. The bed can be accessed by climbing a flight of stairs. A large framed illustration injects a sense of fun in this part of the apartment.

Kitchen island – a closer look

The contemporary kitchen island is fitted with built in ovens, hobs, faucet and kitchen sink. Despite the unavailability of the space, this area doesn’t look cramped at all. For anyone with a love of culinary art, it would be most comfortable to stand and work in this well organised kitchen. After darkness sets in, linear suspensions keep the space illuminated and cheerful.

The kitchen is designed with an elaborate shelving system. It helps to store utensils, small appliances, food items and all other kitchen articles neatly away from everyone’s view. The colour scheme, dominated by white, gives the entire space a clean and boundless feel. The décor is modern, unfussy and limited only to the most essential elements. Interestingly, the designer did not follow a strict minimalist design. Yet, the apartment eluded all the feelings of stuffiness.

Overview of the apartment from the entryway

You can gain a striking view of the apartment from the entryway itself. Its charm only increases with a closer scrutiny. Open plan architecture helps in designing a small apartment with a flowing style. This type of design allows effortless socialising with the guests. In case of worries regarding privacy, a sliding partition, three fold screens or curtains can be used as a delimiter between the bedroom and living room. 

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