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How to paint furniture

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Shabby chic styling has been popular for a while now, but if you haven't tried your hand at some upcycling and painting yet, that's a great thing as you can benefit from our experience, mistakes and top tips! Interior designers have been quick to promote the idea of giving old furniture items a new lease on life with a lick of paint, but if you worry that you won't get that really professional finish, cast those doubts aside, as we have a foolproof furniture panting technique for you to try. Ready to fill your living room with furniture that you've lovingly upcycled? Then let's begin!

1. PREP!

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Quack chest of drawers


The secret to success, in any walk of life, is preparation. When it comes to painting your furniture, this is even more vital! Old furniture items can peel, get dirty and fall prey to damage too, so always start your project by thoroughly cleaning your item with a suitable detergent. Sugar soap is very popular.

2. SAND!

Once your item of furniture is clean and has dried, you need to give it a thorough sanding. We mean that you'll need to work your way through a number of grits (the roughness of your sandpaper), to get a really smooth and fresh surface to work with. Always go from small to large grits, as this will gradually smooth your surface more.


So many people can't be bothered to prime their furniture projects, but that is a big mistake! Your primer coat will help to smooth out any lingering imperfections and can flag up areas that need a little bit more prep work before painting. Primer also gives you a more even finish when you apply your top coat paint.


Once the primer has dried, you need to give it a final light sanding, just to be sure that there are no rough edges that will show through your paint. We know this seems overkill, but the finish you'll get will convince people that you bought your item!


The trick with painting is to buy good quality paint and brushes and to take your time. Use long, graceful strokes and attend to any drips or clumps as soon as you see them and don't try to apply one thick coat, as two thinner coats will always give a far superior finish.


Hand Pinted Farmhouse Table Rectory Blue Dining roomTables
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Hand Pinted Farmhouse Table

Rectory Blue

When you're happy with the finish on your furniture, it's time to protect the paint. A natural wax is usually best, as you can easily reapply, say on an annual basis. Wax also gives you a matt finish that allows the piece of furniture to take centre stage, as appose to a glossy top coat. And you're done! Wasn't that easy?

For more painted furniture inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 shabby chic shelves.

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