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A spacious Hong Kong apartment with a futuristic flair

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The Hong Kong apartment we are going to show you today thrives in contrast. It is housed within a classical building close to the Admiralty MTR station. But the interior of the apartment is anything but classical. It is spacious and airy. Let’s step inside and see what else has the interior designer in store for us.

Overview of the apartment

As you enter in the living room, you immediately feel drawn to the unusual décor of the apartment. In this image, you see a visualisation of the dining room area and part of the living room. The wine cellar on your left hand side is a special attraction of this space. The rounded glass structure acts as a floating sculpture. It partially inhibits the view of the interiors and has been designed in such a way following the advice of a Feng Shui master.

Dining room

Let’s enjoy a sumptuous view of the dining room which is tastefully decorated with stylish chairs and a dining table with circular top. Wood panels have been used as major décor elements. Their presence induces warmth in the interiors. They also take away from the edges of the futuristic décor.


The kitchen is fitted with contemporary modular cabinets. The L-shaped design helps maintain the much talked about triangle between the oven, fridge and kitchen sink. Despite the narrow confinement of the space, the kitchen looks cheery. Thanks largely to the elaborate ambient light mounted on the ceiling. It seems to be comfortable enough to occupy for long hours.

Main bedroom

This is another area of the apartment that boasts of an interesting décor. The half – circular room, owing to the peculiarities of the original building, is a novelty in itself. The ceiling, decorated with scintillating lighting fixtures, creates a dreamy atmosphere. The upholstered bed is simple and in tune with the overall décor of the apartment. A home office, complete with a circular table and stylish office chair, is designed in one part of the bedroom.

Secondary Bedroom

The bedroom follows the decorative scheme of the rest of the apartment. It is small in size, but is cosy and comfortable. Except for a modern platform bed, it is decorated with built in wardrobe and shelving system. A part of the bedroom is dedicated to a small home office. Apart from the ceiling mounted lighting fixtures, under-cabinet lighting illuminates the room.

Luxury bathroom

The interior stylist not only successfully countered the problem of the space, or lack of it, but also designed a bathroom with a luxurious charm. The contrast between marble white and mahogany brown tone seems striking enough. Beautifully design shelves solve the problem of storage in a small space. Moreover, they act as feature elements of this small bathroom.

Secondary bathroom

This is a view of a secondary bathroom designed in similar style to the master bathroom. Despite its small size, the space looks relaxing. The dominating effects of artificial lighting and simple colour palette are felt the moment one steps in this space. Large glass mirrors have been used to make the space feel brighter and breezier.


The narrow passage that ends at the main door is delightfully decorated with contemporary LED lighting. Overall the tone is dark though the presence of stylish lighting fixtures makes it look very welcoming. The space is additionally stylised by pictures set on the walls. Small features like these often go a long way in making the guests feel immediately comfortable.

Corridor inside the apartment

This image shows a passageway built inside the apartment. It boasts of a trendy wall décor which is made prominent by a stylish wooden framework. Upholstered half-moon benches are the only furniture we could see here. Like other parts of the apartment, futuristic lighting fixtures have been used here as a decorative element. They also bring cheer in the interior atmosphere.

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