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An Old Decrepit Home Renovated into a Swank Triplex Apartment

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Planning to renovate an old house or redecorate your home? Don’t attempt the task yet. Not without seeing the amazing renovation of this old decrepit house. It was an old structure, built in 1926. Years of wear and tear have made the structure weak. Many of the amenities were dated and no longer worthy of a comfortable modern home. The architect involved in this project gave the house a most remarkable makeover.

Another view of the kitchen

From this point you can enjoy a closer view of the kitchen countertop. The focus lighting fixtures mounted on the ceiling makes working easy in the evening. This space can be directly accessed from the entryway and from the living room. Like the other parts of the apartment, this space too is painted with a warm white tone. A dark brown accent introduces a hint of drama.

Finer details of the interior decoration

The space between the living room and kitchen, a small passageway, has been decorated in a most charming fashion. Stylish show pieces are used to decorate the shelves. They cheer up the mood of the interior atmosphere. Hardwood flooring also contributes in making the newly renovated apartment so warm and welcoming.


The stairway is simple and in tune with the overall décor. But the steps, covered with wooden carpet, look glamorous. The passageway has been decorated with large and colourful fine art paintings. Ceiling mounted lighting fixtures keep the interior bright. A single chandelier removes the residual gloom of the stairway, if any.

Extensive use of glass panels makes the apartment look even more spacious. The entire home revolves around a central theme. Whenever possible, artworks have been introduced to break the monotony of the surroundings. There are quite a few worthy features to take inspirations from.

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Delightful entryway

The modern triplex apartment boasts of a combined living area of 300 square metres. Owing to its contemporary industry décor, the sprawling interior looks all the more delightful. However, you will not fail to notice some of the classical features – the hallmarks of the original building – in the interior. 

As you step in the entryway, you immediately start noticing the magical blend of the past with the present. The hallway is separated glass partitions framed in metal. You enter the living through a large pivot. An old cabinet full of vintage crockery has been placed in this space.

Using the stairway, you may access the upper floor or briefly sit down on the ottoman bench placed in the under stair space.  

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Stylish kitchen design

Anyone who loves the art of cooking and appreciates good food would like being in this stylish kitchen. It is spacious, airy, receives plenty of natural light and has a chic design. The dark tone island with the aluminium countertop is in tune with the industrial décor. Exposed brick layer adds another layer of charm. Smooth engineered wood cabinets maintain a balance between the two.

Living room

The living room is spacious and decorated in a comfortable fashion. Two large sofas occupy the space. The upholstered coffee table, placed in the middle of the room, is decorated with small sculptures and candle. Glass partitions are used to separate the living room the kitchen. Owing to the large windows, the room receives maximum amount of sunlight in the day time. It also grants you a view of the city.

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