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A Contemporary Apartment with a Scandinavian Flair

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Scandinavian design is very much in vogue now. Its minimalist style and an unfussy colour palette suits the interior of the contemporary homes. Scandinavian design is suitable for small homes and studio apartments. You may also opt for this style, if you live in a spacious apartment like this one we are going to show you today.

Living room

Open plan living room helps you create an expansive looking home. Absence of the walls means you can easily socialise with your guests even when you are busy working in the kitchen. In the image above you can see the visualisation of an open plan living room with an elegant décor. A sectional sofa occupies the centre of attention. It is accompanied by a couple of chic coffee tables. A glimpse of the kitchen is visible in the background. Stylish lighting features, hanging above the kitchen island, introduce a sense of geniality.

TV Cabinet

The floating tv does not take up any floor space. Moreover, it ensures the room remains organised and uncluttered. It occupies the entire length of the feature wall. Built-in wardrobes occupy the space beside the floating cabinet. The top of the cabinet is decorated with framed pictures. From this point, you can enjoy a view of the terrace and the large glass windows that are responsible for bringing the sunshine in the interiors.

Kid’s room

Hashtags have come to dominate our lives in many different ways. This kid’s room is one prime example of that. Except for the glowing tags decorating the walls, the room also has an upholstered bed, set storage bench near the window and a study area occupying one of the corners.

Kid’s room from a different perspective

You can see the details of the study area in this image. Pale blue floating shelving system occupies one side of the study. The study table is set close to the windows and is accompanied by a stylish chair. Like other parts of the apartment, this space too is decorated with graceful lighting fixtures.


The interior of the bedroom feels calm and cosy. Except for a comfortable platform bed, the space is decorated with a simple table and a few stools. Wood clad wall panels and hardwood flooring increase the charm of the space. Chic floor lamps, placed in the headboard area, act like pieces of sculpture. A few potted plants also decorate the space.

Kitchen and dining room

Though the dining area is quite small, it doesn’t feel cramped. Thanks largely to the tasteful décor, it looks totally in sync with the rest of the room. The space is decorated with a wooden table and a few chairs. Built-in kitchen cabinets resolve some of the space related concerns. You can see how the homeowners have tucked in their built-in appliances in the modular shelves of the kitchen.

To decorate a stylish kitchen in your new home or renovate the old one, seek help from an experienced kitchen designer. An expert will help you resolve your space related concerns within a reasonable budget.

Another kid’s room

This room is decorated in a nearly identical fashion to the first one. However, from the décor itself you can tell this one is meant for a younger child. Except for a cosy bed, the room is stylised with a pouffe and storage bench. A floating cabinet is installed against one of the walls. An extended portion of the cabinet is used as a study table. A comfortable kid’s chair has been placed close to it. You can borrow from these fun-filled ideas to decorate your kid's room in style.


We round off this tour with a view of the bathroom interior. Its simple colour scheme and elegant décor make it look calm and relaxing. The floating vanity unit takes away some of the storage related concerns of a small bathroom. A large frameless mirror is installed on the wall behind the vanity unit. A combination of focus and ambient lighting maintains the brightness and cheer of the interior.

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