10 Homes with Charming Terraces and Balconies

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Terraces and balconies are major architectural features of the residential dwellings in Malaysia. Their presence increases the beauty of the façade. It also leaves you with a space where you can sit down and relax in peace. But how do you decorate your balcony in such a way that augments the beauty of your house, yet remains a comfortable space for you to enjoy? These 10 houses with charming patios will give you lot of food for thought.

1. Closer to nature

The minimally decorated balcony of this small family home looks very inviting. It merges into the garden on the front yard. Except for simple foldaway chairs and a coffee table, it has hardly any other articles of furniture or décor. Potted flowers seem to be enough to bring cheer in its small confinement. The greenery around also injects liveliness in the stern features of this concrete home.

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2. Clean and simple

The compact structure of the house is in line with contemporary design. The oblique design of the patio induces a sense of drama. Wooden decking looks comfortable and stylish. The landscaping on the ground creates a geometric maze on the front yard. To opt for unique garden styles, speak to one of our landscape designers. An expert will help you design a fashionable garden in a small space without blowing your budget.

3. Wooden deck for relaxation

Wooden decking is the preferred choice for outdoor living and entertainment areas. The owners of this tiny family home could not ignore the charm of wooden deck either. They have decorated their small deck with patio furniture and lots of potted plants. The surrounding greenery of the small garden looks calm and restful.

4. Portico in the corner

The simple but attractive design of the concrete façade gets a further boost by the presence of a corner portico. The grey tone of the exterior has been balanced with engineered wood flooring and green lawn beyond the portico. What’s more! The architects have managed to achieve all these within a very low budget.

5. The charm of classical design

Some styles refuses to die with time. The wooden façade of this two storied home is further accentuated a charming balcony on the first floor and patio on the ground floor level. It is an exemplary instance of classical design in a very simple and understated manner. The patio is also decorated with wooden chairs, bench and coffee table. The presence of evergreens and shrubs act as precious ornaments for this space.

6. Modern balcony design

The modern design of this residential building shows an uncommon mixture of concrete and wood. The slanting roof is juxtaposed with ridged beams on the first floor terrace. The balcony two is designed in a similar fashion. The façade also has a third element in place – a stone wall one of the quadrants of the front wall of the house.

7. L-shaped balcony

This house plays with the shape of the balconies on the first floor level. It mimics the design of the spacious porch on the ground floor level. The balconies cover the corners of the house and help designing a more elegant and expansive looking building for the owners. Minimalist décor also improves the overall charm.

8. Terrace with a breezy feel

The terrace on the first floor level acts as a focal point of this residential structure. It is further designed with two separate porches on two sides of the building. The terrace is reasonably spacious and offers a gorgeous view of the surroundings. The chic cane furniture on the porches add style and comfort in this part of the house.

9. An abode of peace

It is a small and awkwardly shaped patio. But see how the interior designer made the best possible use of the available space. The wooden deck feels elegant enough. It is further accentuated with a variety of palm trees, flowering plants, creepers and shrubs. The shutter on the roof keeps the space cool even in the hot summer months. This looks like a tropical paradise and it is designed within one’s home.

10. Terrace with an unusual shape

The terrace of this building is literally set inside its hipped roof. Consequently the balcony has taken an unusual shape and dimension. However, instead of decreasing its charm it has increased the uniqueness of the façade. It also helps bringing in the cheer of sunshine on the top floor level.

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Which balcony design did you find most inspiring?

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