28 Colour Inspirations for the Facades of Your Home

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There are two main ingredients for building spectacular facades for modern homes – colour and design. Colours refreshe the look of the exterior of a building and make it stand out from the surrounding. Moreover, to maintain the charm you may easily upgrade the colour palette periodically. Today we will share with you some of the stylish facades steeped in vivid colours.

1. The gravity of black facade

Black is not a frequently used colour for the facades of the contemporary buildings. Like this home in the image above, you may consider using black add an element of surprise. Don’t forget to balance the colour with warm exterior lighting fixtures, wooden features and green trees.

2. Shimmering gold tone

Shimmering gold tone makes this tropical house looks charming. According to eastern tradition gold stands for positive energy and prosperity. Would you like to usher positive energy in your house with a touch of gold?

3. Grey and white combo

The contemporary design of this single family home looks stylish enough. The combination of grey and white makes it look even trendier. A row of slim windows, strategically placed in different parts of the building, adds another dimension.

4. Dark brown and white

Dark greying brown colour is an unusual choice for the facades of any home. The architect of this house not only opted for an uncommon colour palette, but executed it to perfection. Introduction of white makes it look even more interesting.

5. The warmth of beige

You have already seen some fabulous uses of beige in the interior of the house. The colour is suitable for the facade of your building as well. See how well this house looks under the combined influence of warm beige and pale brown tones.

6. The power of dark grey

It seems dark grey is a popular choice among the owners of the contemporary houses.  The owners of this house too use the tone and do so in style. The white frames of the windows and doors are sufficient to add a sense of variety.

7. Rustic home in earthly brown shade

The effects of earthly brow shade on the exterior walls of a house can be very pleasing. The building looks elegant and, when surrounded by shaded trees and flowers, seems to be an abode of happiness and tranquillity.

8. Red and white

This colonial era farm house is stylised with two colours – ravishing red and sparkling white. You may experiment with these two tones for your home as well. Remember, you have more than one shade of red available to choose from. Auburn, rustic red, burgundy and Venetian red are only a few of the options to mention.

9. Mint green

Cool mint green is not a very common colour for the facades. That, however, did not deter the owners of this container house from using it on the exterior walls. Needless to say it makes it look very stylish.

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10. Black and yellow

This house balances the power of black with the vivacity of yellow and justly so. This combination makes it look simply gorgeous. A house like this is bound to stand out from the other houses of the surroundings.

11. Modern architecture in white

Le Corbusier, one of the most notable figures of modern architecture and design, was very fond of the colour white. Would he have been proud with the facade design of this house? We would never know. But certainly this is one of the most magnificent one storey contemporary family dwelling you will get to see anywhere in the world.

12. Pretty in peach

Peach is not a very common colour for the exterior walls. It falls somewhere between pink and orange. So it borrows the prettiness of pink and the warmth of orange. The result is in front of your to see and appreciate.

13. Mellow in yellow

Mellow yellow is a perfect choice for any home set in rustic surrounding. A part of the facade of this house is cloaked it wood which makes it appear all the more graceful. The dark tone of the gable and lean to roofing systems completes the look. In the end, the house looks as pretty as one of those seen in a kids’ book of fairies.

14. A riot of colours

A combination of blue, yellow and brown marks the exterior of this one storey house. Despite the riot of the colours, it manages to look chic. In fact, the playfulness of colours adds a youthful verve in its appearance.

15. Brightness of red

We have already seen the use of red and white on the exterior walls. This architect of this house uses red in conjunction with wood. This increases the elegance of the facade almost effortlessly. Use of different materials also introduces a variety of textures.

16. Exposed concrete

Exposed concrete walls are an unusual choice for the owners of this home. The tint looks similar to sandy soil which makes the house look interesting. Its clean and simple lines, in tune with contemporary design principles, keep everything tasteful yet understated.

17. Brick red

Brick red Tudor houses was a very popular at one point of time in history. It seems that as a colour brick red hasn’t lost any of its charm. This house, steeped in brick red tone, looks bright and completely at ease in its surrounding.

18. Pure elegance in chestnut brown

The design of this facade has a timeless appeal associated with it. One of the prime reasons behind it is the use of the chestnut brown tone. It maintains the modish look of a house without overwhelming it in any way.

19. Purple and white

We have already seen some very unusual choices for facade colours. The use of purple and white in this house makes the list longer. Purple is considered a regal colour by many. Use purple tactfully and bring out the hidden beauty of your house.

20. Vibrant in red

The effervescence of red perfectly matches the greenery of the surrounding. It seems, there could not be a prettier place to live than in this mountain hut painted in red. The use of bright yellow door and window frame makes it look even more cheerful.

21. Pink and yellow

The ingenuous use of pink with yellow makes the exterior of this house look vibrant and youthful. With such a brilliant colour scheme even an old house can be given a new lease of life. So if you are planning to renovate an old house anytime soon, keep the colour scheme of this house in mind.

22. Shades of grey

The exterior of this house thrives in shades of grey. The roofing and two sides of the home are coated in a light grey tone. The two other sides get a coat of much darker shade of grey. In between, you see the presence of white and wood as accent colours.

23. Pastel shade with a stony effect

Pastel shades are for all season – not merely for the spring. They never go completely out of the fashion. The beaver brown colour syncs well with the design. The rocky effect on the front columns adds a bit of surprise.

24. Dark green

葉山下山口の家, honda honda Country style house Wood Brown

Use of dark green for the exterior of a house is extremely rare. This cottage looks clean and elegant under the effect of dark green tone. The pillars and railings of the porch weave their magic too. Overall, it seems to be an intrinsic part of its green backdrop.

25. Chocolate brown with turquoise

The facade of this house is actually steeped in two colours – the dark brown of the walls and sandy brown of the stone pillars. Wooden beams and doors, painted in turquoise adds an interesting third element to the whole picture.

26. Lemony yellow

This rustic cottage with lemony yellow exterior induces a cheerful note in the surroundings. The terracotta flooring on the porch and wooden shade help to maintain the rustic tone. Wealth of potted plants and flowers makes you feel very welcome as a guest.

27. Pale green

It is difficult not to find a house, stylised with very pale green tone, simply irresistible. Owing to its unique colour choice, the ambience feels graceful and calm. The corner balconies with white accents make it look picturesque. Do you wish to design stylish balconies in your house? Then don’t miss out on the article which tells you all about balcony designs.

28. Khaki brown

We round off this tour with a view of this stylish villa steeped in khaki brown colour. Red roof tiles and pitch dark door and window frames accentuate its beauty. The green front yard perfectly complements this earthly colour palette.

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Which facade colour did you find most attractive? 

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