13 Spectacular Ideas for Decorating a Small Modern Home in Style

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The simplicity and comfort of modern interior design induce many homeowners to decorate their home in modern style. Interior stylists also prefer the uncomplicated nature of modern design. It helps them to create a relaxing and peaceful home for the owners of the modern abodes. So how can you decorate a small modern residence full of style? Let us explore.

1. Dining Room

Most modern homes follow open plan architecture. If you live in one such house or apartment, you would know how this exposes your dining area to everyone who steps inside the living room. This increases the necessity of having a stylish and organised dining parlour. This is essential from the hygienic point of view as well.

See how the interior designer uses colour to create a sense of depth in this small dining room. Courtesy the framed image, the exposed concrete feature wall receives a vivacious touch. Large glass doors ensure the flow of light. Choice of mid-century modern furniture for the dining room gives it a charming boost.

2. Small home décor

The owners of this house use floating cabinet and lightweight dining room furniture to keep this space uncluttered. Chic lighting fixtures brighten up the interiors. The colour scheme remains simple and unobtrusive. The orange sofa adds a ravishing touch.

3. Use of earthly tones

Use of earthly tones is quite common in the interiors of the modern homes. Like this living room in the image above, you may like playing to soft beige, shades of brown and yellow ochre. To prevent the interior from looking drab, ensure you add some bright touches in the form of cushions, rugs, lighting fixtures or artworks.

4. Sensational in black and yellow

We already described how you can use the combination of yellow and black in the exteriors of a building. The same effect can be produced in the interior of your home as well. See how cleverly the designer mixes charcoal black cabinet doors, coffee table and book shelves with pretty yellow cushions. Grey helps in the transition between the two colours.

5. The beauty of Scandinavian design

The enduring charm of Scandinavian design does not need any reiteration. If you need any visual proof, you may use the interior of this living room as an example. The interior design oozes comfort and style. While pale grey, white and black dominate the colour palette, yellow adds a dramatic effect.

6. Welcoming entrance way

No one can afford to neglect the portal of one’s home. A stylish entryway is utterly important for every modern abode. It makes your guests feel welcome and provides your guests the first glimpse of your house. Feng Shui believes a clean entryway channels positive energy in the home. So if you are a believer of Feng Shui, you have an added reason to design a clean and elegant entrance way.

7. Indoor garden

Due increasing space constraints in the big cities, most modern homeowners don’t have the privilege of owning beautiful garden on the backyard or stylishly landscaped front yard. However, you may design a small indoor garden on your terrace, under the staircase or in a corner of the balcony. This has a small rock garden at the end of the passage. To design a similarly elegant rock garden in your home, follow these steps mentioned here.

8. Chic kitchen design

You can easily design a chic and hygienic kitchen even in a small home or studio apartment. To address the challenges of a small home, opt for built-in kitchens. Seek suggestions from an experienced kitchen planner and give your existing kitchen a major facelift. Like this kitchen in the picture, play with the colour schemes for maximum impact.

9. Decorating a small terrace

A small terrace can be utilised in a multiple ways. You may plan a terrace garden with vertical green walls or opt for a Zen garden. You may design a small entertainment area to treat your guests with outdoor barbecue parties. You may also design an outdoor parlour to just sit down and relax from time to time. Buy simple furniture, preferably the foldaway ones, for this part of the building. Spread an organic rug suitable for outdoor spaces. Install outdoor lighting fixtures and enjoy spending time in a cheerful space.

10. Comfortable bedroom

A luxurious yet comfortably design bedroom is essential for every home. To decorate your bedroom in fashionable way, invest in a comfortable storage or platform bed. Install two nightstands on either side of the bed. Choose a colour scheme that maintains the tranquil nature of this space. Match curtains with the colour scheme. Invest in quality bed furnishings.

11. Relaxing bathroom design

Don’t forget to design a relaxing bathroom. You may use these small bathroom inspirations as your guide. Install glass partitions, floating vanity units, sufficient lighting and quality bath fittings for style and comfort. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and water resistant. Naturally, they the most frequently used material for the flooring and wall. Create a stunning effect by varying the colours and designs of the tiles.

12. Segregating the different parts of the house

Smartly differentiate the different parts of a building and allow a smooth transition between the spaces. You may choose from different wall colours, flooring materials and floating partitions instead of traditional walls to do so. Always go for complementary designs and materials. Otherwise, you may end up creating a jarring effect.

13. Photomurals for illusion

Choose photomurals to create an illusion of an expansive looking room. You may use photo wallpaper to increase the depth of the space and adding architectural features. Wallpaper with images of pillars, railings, vestibules, windows and doors are all capable of producing such effects. For ease of maintain, buy washable wallpaper.

Don't forget to make your living room more expansive by simply playing with the layout.

Which of these tips are you going to implement soon?

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