7 Terrace Designs that will make You Fall in Love with Your House

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There are many benefits associated with designing a luxurious terrace. It improves the look of the façade. You and other members of your family get an opportunity to sit down here and relax for a while. If you have converted your house terrace into an outdoor entertainment zone, then you enjoy the opportunity to invite your close friends for occasional barbecue parties. Children love this space as it gives them a chance to play in the open air without leaving home. But is it possible to design such a multifaceted terrace in a small space? For the answer, check out these awesome small terrace designs.

1. Patio with a beautiful view

Once again, we see the use of a wooden deck in the patio. The interior designer has made the maximum use of the charming view of the surroundings. Except for a few potted plants, the patio does not boast of any ornamentation at all. The lean-to roofing system with wooden beams partly protects this space from the natural elements.

2. A terrace with an old world charm

This terrace design is so simple yet inspiring. It is built on a wooden deck and forms a part of a stylish building with a white façade. The space is decorated with comfortable armchairs and a simple coffee table. Like the house itself, the furniture too is steeped in a spotless white tone.

3. Entryway converted to a terrace

The architect of this contemporary home has made a very smart choice. The entryway of the house has been converted into a comfortable terrace. A simple wooden bench is placed against the exposed brick wall. The other end of the space is decorated with green plants in wooden planters.

4. Secluded and calm

This secluded house is designed with a spacious corner terrace, which is erected on wooden stilts. The terrace overlooks the charming valley just beyond the precipice. Like some other buildings on this list, this terrace does not have any ornamentation. Its simplicity and the natural wealth of the surrounding act as beautifying elements for this house.

5. Exposed concrete deck

Exposed concrete flooring and walls can be used in a variety of ways in a contemporary building. The platform terrace of this house is one prime example of that. It surrounds two sides of the house and gives the owners a space to occasionally sit down with friends and family members. The open plan living room is separated from the terrace with the help of sliding doors.

6. Small terrace with a glamorous touch

The terrace of the house in this image is built in an irregular space. Despite this obvious drawback, the architect has not failed to make optimal use of the space. A wooden deck is built to elevate the terrace area slightly off the ground. Lightweight chairs, wooden benches and a rectangular table have been set in the middle to design a stylish outdoor dining parlour. Potted plants act as beautifying elements of the entire patio area.

What to consider when designing the house terrace

While having an open terrace on the uppermost level of the house is everyone’s dream, don’t neglect safety and comfort when designing the terrace. Besides ensuring that the perimeter of the terrace is protected by guard rails or a parapet, it is just as important to provide shelter from the sun and rain. The ideal terrace design should have a combination of open-to-sky and covered areas.

6. Wooden house with spacious patio

The owners of this wooden house have built a separate deck area in front of the house. Except for the surrounding greenery, it hardly boasts of any decorative feature. Simple outdoor furniture is placed close to the house. The owners can sit down here in the afternoon and enjoy a pleasant time surveying the surrounding beauty.

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7. Using the terrace design to enhance the façade

Not every house, especially those in urban areas, has greenery in the surroundings. In such cases, even a small balcony-terrace can help in enhancing the curb appeal of the house. Filling the terrace with pots and planters can create a cosy setting beside providing a bit of privacy for the homeowners when they relax outdoors. It will also add a lovely green element to the façade.

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Which of these small terrace designs did you find most appealing?

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