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20 Modern Houses that will Leave You Speechless

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Modern homes are hailed for their simplicity of design, clean and clear forms and minimal colour palette. These houses are comfortable and in tune with the time we live in. Architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright have defined and redefined the design of the modern residences. Many of the themes that we find conspicuous in modern homes have originally been conceived by stalwarts like them. Today we will share you 20 sensational modern house designs that will leave you with plenty of ideas.

1. A house with a charming front yard

The mix of warm yellow and sparkling white on the façade of this house looks attractive. The stone pilotis throws in some surprise. The charming front yard accentuates the beauty of the façade even further.

2. Urban small house

This urban house combines flat roofing with a gable roofing system. The darkness of the roof contrasts the pale white tone of the exterior. It occupies a very small space. The design is perfect for city houses built on small plots.

3. Grey tone façade

Grey is a popular façade colour for modern houses. Its neutral tone complements the simple design of the modern residences. This house is also built with a spacious carport which adds an extra dimension to its façade design.

For some more façade colour and design inspirations, take some time out to read this.

4. Ultra modern house with an unusual shape

The house in the image above boasts of an unusual shape. However, that is not its only focal point. The design of the façade combines the darkness of grey with the pristine tone of white. Sliding glass windows allows a panoramic view of the surrounding beauty.

5. Simple yet luxurious

It is not too difficult to plan an interesting façade for a modern dwelling. The design of this façade oozes charm. Yet it only comprises the rectangular shape of the primary dwelling and the spacious courtyard in front of it. Use of sliding doors and glass faux walls makes the entire house look all the more enchanting.

6. Dark wooden house

Wood clad houses were once a permanent feature of Malaysia. Modern homes of the country can still exploit the enduring charm of natural wood. If you are planning to design wood clad exterior walls for your building, you don’t need to look further than this elegant structure in a scenic setting.

7. White and minimalist

The design of this house is more in tune with the contemporary design practices than the modern ones. However, it is difficult to ignore the charm of such spotless white façade decorated with a glass window, wooden front door and potted boxwood.

8. An edgy design

The design with this house makes it look like a large ship floating in air. Part of the first floor level in hoisted on metallic stilts. It also has a well decorated basement which takes the full advantage of the available space.

9. Pretty in dark tone

The architect of this house made an optimum use of charcoal black shade for the exterior walls. It is further accentuated by the presence of wooden walls in the top most floor of the building. A beautiful lawn, surrounding the ground, makes it a perfect space to enjoy living in for years.

10. Elegant house with a swimming pond

The popularity of swimming pond is growing by the year. You can easily combine the benefits of a natural pond and swimming pool in a water body like this. See how this house depended not only its tasteful and modern décor, but also used the garden and swimming pond to increase its charm. To design a garden with a beautiful water feature, don't hesitate to get in touch with an experienced landscape designer.

11. Modern house built from sustainable materials

This small modern house is built using two materials – corrugated metal and wood. The wood clad walls of this building make it look of chic and timeless. Additionally, it is also built with a wooden deck which the owners can use to relax or entertain guests from time to time.

12. White façade with dark borders

Le Corbusier prescribed the use of the large horizontal glass windows. They help the inhabitants of a house to immediately build a connection to the surrounding nature. The famous architect was also very fond of white colour. This house combines white colour with dark borders and horizontal glass windows to increase its appeal.

13. House with gable roof

Many people consider flat roof to be an automatic choice for the modern homes. But it is not so. The architect of this house shows, how you may combine the beauty of utility drive design of gable roof with modern structure. Extensive use of glass windows makes it look stylish and breezy.

14. Prefabricated house in modern design

If you ever wish to combine the charm of modern house with cost effectiveness, then opting for a prefabricated structure is the right option for you. The owners of this house prove that you can design a very stylish house using affordable prefabricated structures. The landscaped garden also contributes to the beauty of the façade.

15. Modern building with a rustic edge

Do you wish to build a modern home with a difference? Then take inspirations from this house. It combines the best of modern and rustic designs. The dark tone wooden façade increases its charm by manifold.

16. Exposed concrete walls

Exposed concrete walls were once inconceivable for residential dwellings. But modern architects have shown how to use the charm of exposed concrete walls and flooring in the exterior and interior of a building. This house is a prime example of the smart use of exposed concrete exterior walls.

17. Façade with a touch of red

While planning the design of your modern house, don’t forget to play with the colour of the façade. Simple changes in the colour scheme may bring out the best of any design. See how a few touches of ravishing red makes this house look so remarkable.

18. L-shaped house

The house in front of you follows an L-shaped floor plan. It breaks the monotony of design and helps the owners spread the private and public parts of the building across two mutually connected wings. Use of stylish brick design enhances its charm.

19. Home with wood clad walls

Once again, we get to see an ingenuous use of wood to decorate the exterior walls. The otherwise simple design, made remarkable by its boxy nature, gets a glamorous makeover in the presence of these stylishly designed walls. Corner terrace and balcony complements the overall the structure with elan.

20. House with a carport

The shape of this house is defined by the presence of two elements – a carport on one corner and a spacious terrace on the diagonally opposite corner of the house. The living room looks welcoming. A flight of stairs gives access to the front door of the house.

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