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7 Ingenuous Ways of Solving Storage Problems in Your Kitchen

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Plagued by persistent storage related problems in the kitchen? We understand. A clean and well decorated kitchen is essential for the health and well-being of your family members. Yet, if you cannot resolve the storage related concerns of this space, it is unlikely that you will be able to ensure a hygienic interior environment. To help you ease your storage related woes in the kitchen, we are going to share with you some valuable tips.

1. Simple and practical sliding shelves

Owners of small kitchens know how difficult it is to manage everything in a small space. Sliding shelves like the one shown in the image above is a useful way of resolving this issue. What’s more you may slide it back once you complete your work in the kitchen. It simply merges in the background. Maintaining an organised kitchen could not be simpler than this.

2. Built in storage space in the kitchen

scandinavian Kitchen by Elfa Deutschland GmbH
Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Eine geschmackvolle Küche

Elfa Deutschland GmbH

This built in storage unit would be a stylish addition to any kitchen and dining room. It has ample space, so you may keep all your food items and kitchen utensils nice stored inside it. The sliding doors don’t take up any added space. Overall, your kitchen looks tidy and elegant at the same time.

3. Hanging shelves above the kitchen island

rustic Kitchen by KH System Möbel GmbH
KH System Möbel GmbH

KH Küche: Asteiche Natur / Edelstahl

KH System Möbel GmbH

Utilise the space above the kitchen island. Install a hanging shelving system and keep your kitchen utensils or pots and pans neatly arranged on the shelves. The arrangement looks stylish. You can also enjoy working in a more organised space.

4. Fully utilise the wall behind the oven and sink

The kitchen planner of this home shows us how to make the best use of the wall behind the oven and kitchen sink. A combination of floating shelves and wire racks have been installed on the wall. As a result of this, the owners of this house can now use this extra storage space to store away some of their kitchen articles.

Do you follow open plan architecture? Then you must also plan for a delicious dining room decor.

5. Install drawers with partitions

modern Kitchen by Schmidt Küchen
Schmidt Küchen

Smarte Stauraumhelfer von SCHMIDT Küchen

Schmidt Küchen

Install drawers with partitions. You will be able to sort and store away your cutlery, kitchen knives, spatula, potato mashers and other small but essential items of the kitchen in a tidy manner. Wood clad drawers like these also help you to accentuate the charm of your kitchen. You can install such drawers as a part of a built in kitchen or separately. You may even custom design drawers based on your needs with the help of an experienced carpenter.

6. Make arrangement for your bottles of sauces and condiments

modern Kitchen by Schmidt Küchen
Schmidt Küchen

Verschiedene Ordnungshelfer bringen eine perfekte Übersicht und Gliederung zurück.

Schmidt Küchen

Don’t forget to make proper room for your bottles of sauces, cooking oils, spices and condiments. Install a special bottle drawer for this purpose. A drawer dedicated to storing these bottles would come in handy in two ways. You will be able to unclutter the interior of your kitchen. Besides, you will find all your sauces and condiments in one place. So next time onwards, you will not have rummage through your kitchen in search these bottles.

7. Make provisions for your wine bottles

Install a separate wine rack to neatly store away the wine bottles. You may take a cue from this built in wine rack which helps to maintain a stylish and organised kitchen in a small space. You may also consider installing floating wine racks. Floating shelves do not waste any floor space. So they are useful for designing an uncluttered and trendy kitchen interior.

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