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We here at homify aim to show you only the coolest, most innovative housing projects all over the world, and this Ideabook is no exception. Today we are taking you to the tropical country of Brazil – more specifically, to the beautiful island of Florianópolis on the east coast of Brazil. Florianópolis is known for its beautiful beaches and is considered a party-lover’s dream spot. The home we are about to show you boasts not only a fashionable design to match the region, but it is also incredibly eco-friendly. The designer of this project, Marchetti Bonnetti, is a long time hero in the architectural community. He has received a prize from the Buenos Aires Architecture Biennial for the Pedra Branca Urban Design and also participates in many architecture and design shows, such as Casa Cor Santa Catarina, Casa Cor Hotel Sao Paulo, Mostra Casa & Cia and Mostra B Gourmet.

Geometric exterior

Right off the bat, it is easy for any onlooker to see why Marchetti Bonnetti has previously won awards for ingenious design. This two story building incorporates some of the coolest concepts of modern architecture. The home exhibits a free standing façade supported by two twirling columns, along with various geometric elements – the shape of the home itself, in addition to the linear walkway, the narrow veranda that acts as a bridge between the front yard and the home, the staircase-like wall that separates the properties, as well as the checkered nature of the front lawn. The horizontal windows of the property are also something to be admired. The exterior is brought together by the addition of voluptuously green shrubs, trees, and flowering plants.

The veranda

The garden area we see here is just one of the home’s many spacious and luxurious attractions. We are standing at the back of the home on the veranda, and from this image, we can see a much closer view of the project. The veranda is decorated with comfortable and simply styled minimalist furniture, including a chic sofa bed, a fashionable dining set, and a solid wood coffee table. Not over-decorating this area was a brilliant decision, as the veranda feels much more open with less clutter. The open thatched roof or trellis, over one portion of the veranda adds additional sunlight to pass through, making you feel as if you’re in a tropical cabana. The wood flooring also adds a luxurious element.

Minimalist kitchen

In addition to technical and aesthetic matters, this project is mainly concerned to meet the practical needs of the owners of the home, who have a vast knowledge of architecture and demanded simple and functional spaces. The kitchen is proof that these customers have had their expectations met and they were left with a kitchen fit for the world’s greatest chef.

The kitchen is adorned in white walls and work tops, creating an even more spacious environment. With up to date and modern kitchen equipment, it is only natural that Marchetti Bonnetti mirrored that style in the kitchen furniture. The simple, sleek white table goes perfectly with the clear plastic, almost retro chairs. The glass floor tiles stand out and create a mosaic of various shades and different levels of reflection. And to bring the entire space together, we have dark wooden storage units under and above the sink and countertop.

A different kind of dining room

On the ground floor, the project focused on the integration between the main rooms: living room, dining room, home-theater, and kitchen. In addition, the interior design enhances domestic production, with several pieces of Brazilian designers.

Going into the dining room of the home, we see something quite different from the kitchen. Where we once saw modern and minimalistic interior design, we now have an almost country design. The use of wood in this rather tight space gives off a certain je ne sais quois that other areas of the house can not replicate. The dining room table and chair set is simple and elegant with varying shapes that coordinate with the rest of the round featured furniture. The hard wood floors act as ornamentation throughout the space.

The integrated space

In the same space, we have the living room, which is decorated with a fancy white couch and bench, a comfortable leather armchair, a round glass table supported by three strange marble egg shaped balls, and a couple of simple black chairs. Expressive pieces of art are hung up behind the couch, adding an element of sophistication to the space. The white area rug in front of the sofa is a nice complementary touch, contributing more white, and therefore more purity. The large front and rear windows that take up the entirety of the wall, in addition to the light fixtures in the ceiling, maintain a great amount of illumination in the room, day or night, keeping the space bright and radiant.

An ornate master bedroom

Now that we’ve seen the first floor, let’s take a peak at what we find on the second storey. The second storey is home to the master bedroom, an entertainment area and media room, as well as a kid’s bedroom and a bath. The master bedroom, which we see here, is designed in such a tranquil style. The wall behind the bed reminds us of the inkblots we would find in a Rorschach test, but this design is much more elegant and suggestive. With calm, dark browns intermingling with beautiful golden yellows, this wall acts as an artistic mural. Because this wall is so intricate and attention grabbing, the use of minimalist décor was a great choice. The simplicity of the bedding softens the room’s vibe and makes all who enter never want to leave.

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