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8 Compact Houses for a Small Family

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Planning to build a single family home soon? Or, renovating the existing one? Well, wait! Don’t attempt it until you go through our today’s post. We will show you some very compact houses with innovative façade designs. You can borrow ideas from any of these family homes and build a comfortable dwelling for your family.

1. Small house with a gable roof

Gable roofing system is common in places which experience greater than average rain and snowfall. The design of this roofing does not encourage standing water on the rooftop. Perhaps, we do not need to describe how charming the façade of a house with a gable roofing system looks. The small family dwelling in the image supplies us with enough proof.

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2. House on a cliff

The house in front of you boasts of an elevated position. But it is built on a small and awkwardly shaped piece of land. However, instead of being a drawback, this acted like a boon. The architect planned an innovative design for this cliff home which sets it apart from the rest of the dwelling nearby. Wouldn’t you love staying in a house like this?

3. New age dormer windows

We already talked about the beauty of gable roof. The architect of this house not only installed a gable roofing system, but also didn’t forget about the dormer windows. However, these dormer windows boast of a very unusual style. The house is also designed with a spacious wooden deck. It leads up to a cheerful open plan living room.

4. Combining comfort with style

The success of design lies in uniting comfort with style. This design of this simple contemporary family home manages to do just that. Its horizontal structure is very much in tune with the contemporary design principle. Large wooden doors accentuate the beauty of its spotless white façade.

5. Small house with statement roof design

This is another compact family house which boasts of unique roof design. The slightly exaggerated angle of the asymmetrical gable roof makes the simplicity of the external walls even more prominent. Its tiny front yard is decorated with concrete blocks, wood and green plants. It does not fail to earn admiring glances from the passers by.

6. Tiny cottage with a beautiful garden

Who wouldn’t like to relax in a beautiful urban garden like this one? The small house is set in the middle of the garden. The front yard is further decorated with an elevated garden path. It looks like an oasis of calmness in an urban jungle.

7. Small house with a dark façade

The façade of this small family house is exemplified by its dark colour, felt-like texture of the outer walls, asymmetrical porch and corner terraces. Moreover, it is designed with a stylish front garden. Front yards like these immediately enhance the curb appeal. If you wish to have a beautifully landscaped front yard for your home, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with an experienced landscape architect.

8. Modern house with a chic façade

We round off this post with this charming small house with a chic façade design. No one will blame you if you mistake it for a modern art installation. What’s more! It occupies an extremely tight spot by the roadside. The design is especially suitable for all home owners planning to build a house on a small plot in a congested Malaysian city.

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Which of these house designs did you find most attractive?

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