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6 Tiny Modern Apartments You Must Not Miss

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Modern apartments in the Malaysian cities like Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Malacca are getting smaller by the day. Increasing land price is fuelling this change. We know, decorating a small home is always a challenging task. You must keep focus on optimal use of the available space. Many modern interior architects see this as an opportunity to showcase their design skills. Today we will show you 6 exemplary small apartments designed in a very elegant fashion. All of these apartments have a living space between 60 and 90 square metres. If you live in a small Malaysian apartment, then you will have plenty of ideas to draw from today’s post.

1. A copy-worthy modern apartment

This one a copy-worthy modern apartment occupying a mere 80 square space. The minimalist interior décor suits the small confinement of this city apartment. The owners can enjoy living in a comfortable home decorated in a trendy fashion. Built-in cabinets take away some of the storage related concerns. Open plan living room leads up to a stylish kitchen. The combination of pale grey, dark grey, white and beige give the space a harmonious feel.

2. Trend setting design of a small apartment

The architect of this apartment has designed a contemporary home with a Scandinavian flair. The galley kitchen dominates one side of this 90 square metre apartment. The other side is decorated with a large bookcase. One part of the apartment is dedicated to a tiny living room which is decorated with small two seater sofa and a couple of Eames chair. The other part of apartment is reserved for the dining area. The presence of iconic Louis Poulsen lighting fixtures glamorise the dining area.

3. Contemporary apartment with a retro feel

The interior of this 65 square metre contemporary apartment is designed with a retro appeal. It is decorated in a spotless white colour with a cool blue accent. A cosy sofa and upholstered chair is placed in the centre of the living room. A low white coffee table accompany the sofa set. The presence of parquet flooring adds a genial note to the interior atmosphere. You can also see the hint of classic wall panels in the snow white backdrop.

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4. A tiny apartment where classicism meets modernity

minimalistic Dining room by ELIX

minimalistic Bedroom by ELIX

History meets modern design in the interior of this 70 square metre apartment. The original building, which was renovated to this chic apartment, was in a sorry state. But the architect did not throw away all its past glories. The exposed brick wall brings back the memory of the old. This and the unusual roof design make the interior of this tiny apartment an effortlessly glamorous space to dwell in.

5. A stylish apartment with wood accent

This is the second time we see the presence of hardwood flooring in a stylish new apartment. However, the interior designer of this Roman apartment did not stop at that. The apartment is also decorated with wooden dining furniture with a retro feel. The kitchen is partitioned off from the rest of the living room. Courtesy the large windows, the generosity of sunshine never elude this small apartment. It is further decorated with chic lighting fixtures.

6. The unconventional interior of Cube House

The unconventional interior of Cube House gives it an edgy feel. We see a presence of contrasting textures in the wood flooring and ceiling panels, shiny black cubic room in the middle of the apartment and white walls with satin finishes. Large French windows allow the inhabitants of the apartment a generous view of the surrounding.

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Which of these apartment interiors did you find most inspiring?
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