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8 Smart Ways of Extending the Living Room into the Front Porch or Terrace

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By extending the living room into the front porch, terrace or balcony, you manage to create a more spacious interior. The interior of your apartment or the residential dwelling looks more harmonious. You may utilise the additional space as an outdoor living and dining area and enjoy treating your guests there. But is it really possible to integrate the two spaces seamlessly? The answer lies in our today’s post.

Terrace with a Zen like feel

Ever wanted to design a terrace with a tranquil Zen like feel? Then you don’t need to look beyond the design of this small terrace. Its tiny confinement is decorated with plenty of greenery and oriental lanterns. A reclining chair is set in the middle of the terrace. You can easily lie down in a space like this, enjoy the beauty of the starry sky and relax.

Terrace bursting with colours

The owners of this house not only extended their living room to the terrace area, but have also given it a very colourful makeover. The combination of pink and yellow looks perfect in an urban setting. The wooden deck on the terrace gives it a warm feeling. The space is further decorated with simple cosy benches with lots of cosy cushions. Could there be a better recipe to design a small terrace?

A coastal dream

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Live in a coastal city in a Malaysia? Then this is the perfect way of integrating your balcony into the living room. Install balcony walls made of reinforced glass. It will not hinder your views of the surroundings. Make a simple seating arrangement. You may even spread a traditional Malaysian mat on floor. You may utilise one of the corners to set up a barbecue zone. Have a fun filled barbecue party with your friends and family members on Sunday afternoons or on other holidays.

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An urban terrace with a rustic feel

Consider designing the terrace with an element of surprise. You may take a cue from this urban home with a small but very elegantly designed terrace. See how the interior designer repurposed old chairs and tables for planters. A variety of green plants and colourful flowers make this space an utterly cheerful one. There is hardly a better way of decorating a terrace than this.

Filled with sunlight

The terrace of this building is separated from the open plan living room with sliding glass doors. It is decorated with country style wooden dining furniture and sofa. A fire pit has also been built close to the entertainment area. Trimmed boxwood has been placed in large planters and set close to the boundary wall. The entire space is filled with cheery sunlight.

Small terrace design

If you are feeling short of ideas about designing a small terrace, then the interior architect of this home shows you how to do it in style. The small balcony is separated from the rest of the apartment with sliding glass doors. The small space is decorated with a couple of foldaway chairs, a simple coffee table and prominent sculptural piece.

Into the woods

The décor of this balcony gives you a feeling of being a part of tranquil nature. The wood clad walls, natural wood flooring and wood framed glass doors and windows are the main reasons behind its enduring charm. It is decorated in a simple style with matching wooden chairs and a round dining table.

Recycle underused materials

The décor of this terrace show how to recycle underused materials of your home and still create a very comfortable space. It is stylised with low benches made of recycled wood and a reclining chair. The flooring is covered with an outdoor rug. The rustic curtains help to maintain the privacy of the outdoor living area.

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Which of these balcony designs did you find most interesting?
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