14 Must See Wardrobe Designs for Your Dressing Room

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A stylish home must have an organised and decluttered interior. Built-in wardrobes help you to achieve that. They are perfect for designing a neat and tidy looking home. However, there are more to wardrobe design than a simple built in feature. Today we are going to show your 14 feature rich wardrobe designs just perfect for your dressing room.

Wardrobe with glass work

Mirrored surfaces and glass work help you design a breezy looking space. This is especially helpful if you live in a small city apartment. The beauty of this wardrobe is further accentuated by hidden LED lighting fixtures.

A modern classic wardrobe design

The interior of this modern classic dressing room is coated in a snow white shade. Take a note of the simple but elegant hardware that provides a metallic accent. The island is designed with added storage space and a cosy ottoman.

Dressing room with wood accent

Ever wanted to design a dressing room with wood accent? Then this is your chance to do so. Take inspirations from this simple built in wardrobe made of natural wood. Recessed lighting fixtures on the ceiling keep the small space cheerful.

Wardrobe with tv cabinet

If you have a small bedroom in which you are planning to design a dressing room, then try to integrate your wardrobe with other pieces of furniture. This way you will manage to make an optimal use of space. The interior designer of this home included the tv cabinet into the wardrobe.

Galley wardrobe

Galley wardrobe design is perfect for small and oblong shaped dressing rooms. It help you design sufficient storage space in a small area of your home and store your clothes and accessories in style.

Wardrobe steeped in dark shade

Designing a wardrobe with a dark and shiny surface like ones in the image above can add an element of surprise to your dressing room. See how the interior designer complemented with shiny white ceiling and textured carpet covered flooring.

Mirrors on the wall

The simple style of this dressing room looks so charming. Wood framed doors fitted with mirror add all the glitterati this space was looking for. Skylight installations help keeping the space bright in the day time.

Dressing room with an innovative design

While planning the interior of a dressing room, try to be innovative and come up with surprising solutions. This dressing room is basically an extension to the bedroom. But the engineered wood partition helps separating the space and maintains the privacy of each.

Hollywood style walk in wardrobe

Ever dreamt of designing a wardrobe that oozes glamour the Hollywood style? Take a cue or two from this dark tone walk in wardrobe with sliding tinted glass doors. Don’t forget the statement lighting fixture – a glittering globe pendant.

Right solution for a small home

The architect of this home has the right wardrobe solution for a small space. The doors of the sleek built in wardrobe looks almost seamless. Laminated in white, they look like an architectural feature.

Storage space under the flooring

Ever thought of utilise the under floor space for storage? Check out the design of the room above and utilise not only the walls but also the floor area to build additional storage unit. You may use natural wood or high quality plywood for this purpose.

Utilise the unused corners of your home

Make use of the unused or underused corners of your home and build a small but stylish dressing room. The owners of this attic apartment utilised an unused space under the sloped roof and built a chic dressing room. The wardrobes occupy one side of the room and the shoe racks the opposite wall.

Wardrobe with a warm beige tone

Sometime back we discussed the use of beige in the interior of a home. This dressing room uses a combination of beige and pale brown tones to decorate a very welcoming space. The skylight installation along with the lighting fixtures keeps the space properly illuminated.

An attic dressing room

The interior of this dressing room is entirely clad in natural wood. As you, wood has a very warm and cheery effect on the interior environment. So if you wish to design a very inviting dressing room, try to include solid wood in your list of materials.

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Which of these wardrobe designs did you find most attractive?

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