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7 Most Chic Ways of Decorating a Small Home

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It is possible for you to introduce a touch of glamour mixed with style and comfort even in a small home. Today ,we will talk about those smart solutions that will make your home look bigger, more comfortable and chic. Some of these décor solutions are very simple to introduce. You may be surprised knowing some of these tricks – they are not at all rare, but are often overlooked.

1. Use of transparent or semi-transparent furniture

Transparent furniture made of glass or acrylic often makes your room feel bigger. If you are planning to decorate a delectable dining room, cosy living room or smart home office, it may be perfect time for you to order glass top tables or a set of acrylic chairs with matching table. As you can see in the image above, their presence gives the interiors a cool makeover.

2. Identify the focal point

Try to designate a visual hierarchy while designing a room. If in doubt, don’t feel shy of seeking suggestions from an expert interior designer. Identify the focal point and decorate it in style. Let the other parts of the room complement its décor instead of trying to grab the attention. This is a smart way of diverting the viewers’ attention from the cosiness of the room or problematic architectural features like beams on the ceiling or pillars in unwanted places.

3. Intriguing colour scheme

Don’t forget to plan an intriguing colour scheme. With the help of colours, you may make a room look bigger and brighter. Avoid busy motifs. It will make your rooms look clumsy. Choose colours like warm yellow, white, light grey or beige as a base tone and accentuate it with the introduction of a brighter shade like vermilion, lime green or tangerine. Choose shades that feel comfortable to you and help you design a cheery space.

4. Design a flowing space

Forget about building walls to differentiate the various parts of your home like the living room from the kitchen and dining room. Erecting walls would only make your small home look even more cramped. Try to use glass or wooden partitions instead. You will able to design a graceful and flowing layout this way.

Check these smart solutions for diving spaces without walls.

5. Wood element

Install hardwood flooring, wall panels or ceiling coverings. Or, buy wooden furniture. The natural colour and texture of wood helps you design a very warm and inviting space. This is why wood is one of the most preferred raw materials for the architects of all time. You may use teak, mahogany, walnut, pine, oak or cedar wood for this purpose.

If you are wondering how to maintain your wood flooring, then check out this post.

6. Lighting fixtures

Install large windows to allow natural light to flow in the interiors. They will also help you improve the ventilation of your home. Supplement natural light with a set of stylishly designed lighting fixtures. From chic pendants to table lamps, you have a variety of fixtures available in front of you. Don’t forget to buy step lighting for your staircase and undercabinet lighting for your kitchen and wardrobe. Match your lighting fixtures with the colour scheme and style of design of your home.

7. Optimal use of space

Make optimal use of the space available in the interiors. If you have a spacious corridor, think if you can utilise the extra space to install mudroom cabinets. Install floating shelving systems in the kitchen, living room, home office and bedroom. Tuck the shoe rack under the staircase. These steps will help you storing your household items in a clean and organised manner.

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