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8 Inspiring Ideas for Decorating a Relaxing Terrace

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Holiday season is knocking on the door. But don’t have time to go on a trip this season? Don’t worry. You can now enjoy a holiday without leaving home, anytime during the course of a year. See these inspiring terrace décor and give your terrace a stylish makeover. Enjoy relaxing winter afternoons and summer evenings with your friends and family members here. Holidaying on the terrace of your Malaysian residence – what could be a better proposition than this?

1. An urban retreat

A terrace like this you will help you forget than you live in the middle of a concrete jungle, even if for a brief while. And, nobody will blame you for that. It is decorated with plenty of potted plants. The wooden trellis covered with glass lean to roofing provides a shade for this space. Simple and comfortable chairs help you to take rest in this space whenever you feel like. If you have a small patio to design, this might be the perfect recipe for you.

Use these ideas to plan a seamless conversion between your living room and a charming patio.

2. Terrace with water feature and a glorious view

Okay, you have a small terrace. So what? You may still design a holiday retreat on your rooftop. Have a look at the relaxing terrace décor on the image above. It boasts of a small but stylish pool, wooden deck, simple seating arrangements and plenty of green plants. The glorious view of the city is a big plus.

3. Simple terrace design and a stunning backdrop

You may think it is the stunning backdrop that makes this space look so beautiful. It is true, but only partly. See the simplicity of design. Wooden benches and armchairs supplied with cosy cushions are all that this space has. The vertical garden and wood flooring increase the beauty of the terrace.

4. Terrace design perfect for Malaysian apartments

Live in an apartment in Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Ipoh or elsewhere in the country? Then this is a perfectly copy-worthy terrace design for you. It has comfortable rattan furniture for the owners to sit down and relax and plenty of wooden planters with beautiful flowering plants. The interior designer also integrated the simple tiled flooring and glass boundary walls into the seamless décor of the terrace.

5. Terrace with an outdoor dining area

If you have a reasonably spacious terrace, then try to include a simple barbecue and dining area in this space. You may take a cue from this home decorated with a small but very colourful outdoor dining area. It has a fully functional kitchen. The small space has been given a trattoria like feel.

6. A terrace filled in light

The architect of this home managed to plan a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of this building. Only the sliding glass windows differentiate the spaces under the blue sky and sheltered kitchen and living area. This is a perfect space for enjoying parties with a small group of friends in the chilly evenings of December and January.

7. Kid friendly terrace décor

If you have kids at home, then you may utilise this space to design a child safe playground for the young members of the family. Install child safe boundary walls. Cover the flooring with artificial turf or outdoor rugs. Alternatively, opt for skid-proof wood flooring. Decorate the space with kid’s playthings, tents or fairy houses. Enjoy spending time here with your little ones.

8. Garden on rooftop

There is no better way of designing a rooftop terrace or balcony than transforming it to a green zone. It is environment friendly, chic and relaxing. You may consider building green roof and save on energy in the process. Decorate the space with plenty of plants capable of growing in a space like this. Place simple foldaway chairs. Brighten up the space with the help of outdoor lighting fixtures and you are ready with your tropical paradise.

Check out these beautiful garden water features for your home.

Which of these terrace designs did you find most attractive?
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