15 Stellar Ideas for Designing a Small Garden

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Everyday living takes a toll on your mind and body. You are yearning for a bit of peace and relaxation. Yet, it is impossible for you to leave for a vacation at the moment. So what do you do, except for making a desperate effort to be happy in your current situation? 

Why not consider turning the situation in your favour? Make some changes in your living environment and relish the opportunity to relax on the premises of your own house. 

Transform the backyard of your home into a sanctuary of peace and enjoy spending time in this space every day after you return home from your work. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a holiday at home with your family members? 

Think your garden to be too small for the purpose. See these tricks to convert it into a space where you’d love to spend time.

1. Vertical garden

Vertical garden comes to the rescue of those who love gardening, but don’t have enough space to practice their hobby. You may install small planters made of wrought iron, wood or bamboo on the walls. Plants like thyme, lavender, Ajuga, Acacia, Sedum, Hoya and different types of fern grow well in a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are also known as living walls.

Check out these tips to design a chic outdoor living area in your small garden.

2. Wall design

Beautiful wall design is extremely important for increasing the charm of your building premises. See how the owners of this house used a combination light green colour and stone chips to deck up the boundary wall of their small garden. Wouldn’t it be possible for you to think of something even more original than this?

3. Wooden planters

Wooden planters look stylish and are an eco-friendly option for your garden. Plants thrive in planters like these. There is no better sight than seen your growing rapidly in trendy planters of your small garden.

4. Tropical charm

With the help of plants, raw materials, outdoor furniture and other garden features, induce a tropical charm in the atmosphere. Invest in wooden, rattan or bamboo furniture. Decorate the deck with terracotta or ceramic tiles. Design a small fountain and koi pound in the middle. Sit beside it and soak in the beauty of the surrounding.

5. Palm tree

Is it possible for you to decorate a garden without palm trees? Their slender forms and beautiful leaves become a proud possession of every garden. You may choose species like Brahea armata, Butia eriospatha, Chamaerops humilis, Phoenix canariensis or Trachycarpus fortune. They are hardy and low maintenance plants suitable for busy homeowners like you.

6. Introduce variation in design elements

Choose between perennial and annual plant species. You must also vary the size of plants. Place the bushy plants close to the façade of the house. The taller ones should be placed close to the boundary wall without blocking the view of the façade.

You should also vary the design of the boundary walls, introduce sculptural features and planters of different shapes, sizes and materials. Steps like these will prevent you from getting bored with the surroundings. This will also ensure the surprisingly refreshing look of your small garden.

7. Garden path

Think it is impossible to design a beautiful path in a small garden? Have a look at garden above and see how the landscape designer has integrated a stylish pathway in backyard of the house. The designer trusted the simple charm of brick and ceramic tiles to design the garden path. It is complemented with the lush green lawn, an array of potted plants, a small fountain and simple wood entrance way.

8. Stone decoration

Temple Garden Borrowed Space Asian style gardens
Borrowed Space

Temple Garden

Borrowed Space

You may design a charming Japanese rock garden on the backyard of your home. Its tranquil charm is difficult to ignore. Alternatively, you may consider using an array of colourful riverbed pebbles and boulder rocks to decorate the garden bed. Designing a moss garden would be another way of making the best use of the small space on the backyard.

9. Boundary wall design

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Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory—Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

Wonderful design of the boundary walls can have a telling impact on the beauty of your small backyard or front garden. Use a combination of materials like wrought iron, wood and bamboo to design chic boundary walls. Enhance the beauty of the surroundings.

10. Lush greenery

Having lush greenery is a prerequisite of every garden – big or small. Buy plants with prominent foliage to decorate the garden. Combine plants with dark tone foliage with those that have lighter or colourful leaves of a stellar impression.

11. Create zones between the spaces

By changing the elevation between the outdoor living area, garden and water bodies you can decorate a very glamorous backyard in a small area. The architect of this house extended the living room to the small garden and created separate zones for the lawn, potted plants and koi pond. A combination of stone and wooden lattice walls embellishes the space.

12. Inject colours in the outdoor living area

You have already seen how to add colours on the boundary walls of your garden. Use this image as an inspiration to add a lot of vibrancy in the small outdoor living area you have designed for yourself and your family. Use a combination of wood, tiles and metal to space filled with cheer and style.

13. Water feature

Don’t forget to include a small water feature in your plan. Even a small lotus pond, koi pond or fountain can be of immense help for embellishing a small garden and inducing a sense of serenity in the ambience. Water features will also lower the temperature down in the long summer months.

14. Outdoor lighting fixtures

To maintain the liveliness of the space even after sunset, install proper outdoor lighting fixtures. Choose patio lighting or pendant fixtures to brighten up the outdoor living area. Focus lighting should be installed in ground to illuminate specific architectural features of the garden or beautiful plants. Decorate the garden path with bollard lighting fixtures.

15. Indoor garden

When designing a garden on the backyard proves to be beyond question, you may utilise the space on your terrace or balcony to design a garden full of beauty and tranquillity. Install living walls to save space. Buy furniture suitable for a small space and enjoy spending sometime here contemplating the marvels of the world.

Find out more about relaxing terrace decor from this post.

Which of these small garden design did you find most attractive?

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