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Quick changes for your bathroom

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Every once in a while it’s common to want to shake things up with your interiors. In most rooms simply adding some elements of current trends or giving it a fresh paint job are a few ways to do add style without breaking the bank. Yet making changes to freshen up the style in a given space can be also become an expensive and labour intensive endeavour. Particularly, remodelling and redecorating in the bathroom could easily run up a pretty big tab. Often unforeseen issues need to be addressed, a contractor needs to be hired along with a professional to handle the plumbing. You have to get a bit more creative if you want to freshen up the look in your bathroom without making it into a major ordeal. Not to worry! We’ve outlined some simple tricks that can make a world of different in reshaping the interior style of your bathroom.

New towels

It is a wonder what a fresh set of linens in the bathroom can do for the overall look! Like accent pillows on a living room sofa, they are the perfect way to add a striking pop of colour that is certain to change the vibe of the bathroom. Perhaps you have a navy blue and white bathroom with matching towels. Swapping them out for some red ones can give the bathroom a charming nautical theme. Alternatively, coordinating your bathroom with a new set of luxurious towels to replace some mismatched ones can be equally appealing. In this bathroom for instance, the towels go well with the existing colour scheme and help add cohesion.

New shower curtain

Additionally, many bathrooms are not very big so what you do with the space you have matters. For instance, the shower is a visually significant fixture within the bathroom. The shower curtain can sometimes take up the width of an entire wall in the room. Therefore, it’s worth giving it some special consideration. Replacing the shower curtain after it gets grimy is a sure fire way to give the bathroom a rejuvenated air. Using a bold curtain can be a good way to liven things up. You may, however, consider downplaying the shower curtain to create the illusion of added space. You can do this by opting for a clear curtain or a white once. If you have a shower door rather than a shower curtain, glass is the way to go when attempting to make the space look bigger.

Towel holder

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomFittings
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill

Drummonds Bathrooms

Much of the bathroom furniture is rather permanent. It is costly to replace a sink, bathtub or toilet. What you can do is add flair with the auxiliary furnishings like the towel holder. Plus, towel holders or towel racks make use of vertical space so even smaller bathrooms have this as a possibility. For example, leaning a ladder style towel rack against the wall is both trendy and versatile. You can choose from any number of colours, styles, and finishes with this option. If you are really tight on space, simply installing hooks or knobs on the wall will do the trick. There are many creative options on the market in this regard as well. We love the use of the vintage brass piping as a towel holder in this bathroom by Drummonds.

Bath mat

Like the bathroom linens and shower curtain, the bath mat is an important stylistic element to take into consideration. The bath mat must be functional because it will be exposed to a good deal of moisture. Additionally, a plush and comfy bath mat will enhance your shower experience by keeping your feet warm and dry once you step out of the bath. Of course, you can add pattern and colour with the bath mat as well. For example, this luxurious royal blue rug breaks up an otherwise neutral pattern and draws the eye. The bathroom would certainly look quite different without it.

Consider the blinds

Perhaps more than any other room, window treatments are important in the bathroom for the sake of privacy. Still, allowing natural light to permeate the bathroom will help you to groom yourself more thoroughly and precisely. A bathroom that is too dim can cause you to miss a spot when applying make up or plucking eyebrows. A bathroom with harsh unnatural light on the other hand, might encourage you to over scrutinize imperfections. Natural light gives you the most accurate level of illumination for the way most of the world perceives you. That is why we would suggest going with sheer blinds that allow sunlight in whilst still keeping the bathroom private from the outside. Bring in additional decorative curtains in sober tones to make the bathroom more vibrant and dramatic in style.

Switch up the storage

Bathroom shelves Woodquail BathroomShelves

Bathroom shelves


Working out an effective storage solution in the bathroom can be complicated especially when you’re sharing the bathroom with roommates or other members of the family. Most of us have a pretty large collection of cosmetics and grooming instruments. These small items must be stored properly to keep them clean but also accessibly because many of them get used on a daily basis. For this reason, getting some baskets to stow your toiletries can be very effective. Each person that uses the bathroom can have their own, or you can designate each basket to a different category of items. A coordinated set of wicker baskets like these is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. This spa-style shelving unit works best in bathrooms with ample space. For bathrooms with space constraints, try installing floating shelves for placing the baskets without taking up too much valuable space.

Mirror, mirror

In this guide we’ve consistently touched upon the fact that many bathrooms don’t exactly come with a ton of open space available for additional décor. As a result, it can be hard to align the space with your own personal style. One way to accessorise in the bathroom while also making it look more spacious is to add mirrors. Mirrors come in every stylistic persuasion imaginable from alluring antique to funky and experimental. What all mirrors have in common is that they multiply existing space to make the room look larger. Place multiple mirrors in proximity to one another to enhance this effect. Hanging a mirror in line with sunlight will help to spread the sunshine further into the bathroom. This gorgeous antique mirror adds style and contrast against the white subway tiles.

Tile stickers

One amazing thing about bathroom décor is tiling. Bathroom tiling is a timeless decorative technique that dates back thousands of years. There are infinite possibilities for combining different tiles and for selecting the perfect pattern for your bathroom. The one downside about tiling is that it can be expensive and it often requires a professional to install them properly. Yet we are happy to inform you that in recent times there have been some great innovations in the world of decorative tiling! Tile stickers allow you to give your existing tiles a new look at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can do these yourself. For example, adding tile stickers to your bathroom like we can see inside the shower gives it a whole new look. With tile stickers you can mix and match different tiles to personalise the space.

Perfect the look with plants

A final way you can make a quick change to your bathroom is to add some plants. Plants are linked to tranquillity, harmony and vitality. They will make the bathroom a more relaxing, peaceful place to be. Plants come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any space. There are many varieties that can match the look you’re striving for as well. Lush tropical plants like these fit the elegant style of the bathroom. An orchid in the bathroom will bring an air of sophistication while some robust succulents will add trendiness. Before choosing plants for your bathroom be sure to assess the amount of sunlight and moisture your plant needs. This way you can find plants will best thrive in your bathroom.

If you found these tips helpful, check out these small bathroom designs. Happy decorating! 

These are just a few ideas for decorating the bathroom. We'd love to know yours. You can tell us your thoughts in the comments section, below!
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