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Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it makes perfect sense that when it's time to design a fabulous new built-in kitchen, you take the time to tell your chosen kitchen planner that you simply can't do without an integral breakfast bar. After all, not only are they incredibly stylish, useful and eye-catching, they also offer an easy way to enjoy a sociable start to every day, with your nearest and dearest. The only question is; which style do you want? Whether you have a tiny kitchen or a generous, sprawling space, there will be an incredible design that will work perfectly for you, so how about we show you a few possibilities and see which elements you want to include? We think you'll be surprised by the variety on offer!

1. Upcycled chic.

Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living Increation Industrial style kitchen

Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living


Let's start with a creative option, shall we? Taking a vintage shop counter and adding a new surface will give you a unique, beautiful and really funky breakfast bar that would be a perfect centerpiece in any vintage-inspired home. We rather like the idea of using an antique haberdashery cupboard.

2. Small but perfectly formed.

Talk about contemporary chic! By making the countertop a little deeper, a natural breakfast bar has been created, that can be accessed via simple tall stools that slide underneath. You don't even need a big room for a design like this!

3. Devilishly dark.

Kitchen Interior Design Quirke McNamara Industrial style kitchen Red
Quirke McNamara

Kitchen Interior Design

Quirke McNamara

Wow! Talk about the perfect location for a slap-up meal! Dark wood cabinets and a black granite worktop really lend a certain glamor to the proceedings and couple with velvet bar stools? Serious wow factor!

4. Ideal for a family.

It would have been easy to wonder how to include a breakfast bar in this very minimalist kitchen and give up on the idea altogether, but this U-shaped installation is inspired! There's enough room for everyone and the finished aesthetic is incredible!

5. Open perfection.

A breakfast bar doesn't have to be a really complicated feature, especially if the rest of your kitchen is beautifully simple, which is why we love this style so much! A freestanding counter in a gorgeous granite has offered up a veritable banquet in terms of food serving space!

6. Lit to perfection.

Obviously, you don't only have to enjoy a sumptuous and filling breakfast on your breakfast bar, so why not try to include some serious glamor into the proceedings, for when an evening meal is going to be enjoyed in the kitchen? The Way that this gloss black counter has been illuminated with a heady golden glow is driving us wild and we wouldn't want to eat anywhere else, would you?

7. Space-age and spectacular.

Curved edges, white materials and red perspex seats? Is this a phenomenal breakfast bar or a scene from the latest Star Trek movie? Can't you just imagine enjoying a breakfast smoothie or maybe a chia-seed porridge here? We definitely can and feel healthier already!

8. Beauty and the beast.

What a contrast! The soft duck-egg blue cabinets make for a stunning and pretty support system for industrial concrete counters, but look how handsome the wraparound breakfast bar is! Practical, pretty and with just a hint of edgy design, it's a real triumph!

9. Scandalously Scandinavian.

White and wood never fails to look good and we definitely wouldn't mind starting the day with a hot cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal and a quick family confab here! Sleek, stylish and perfectly coordinated to the wider kitchen, we love the proportions of this bar!

10. Beautifully built-in.

Wickham House C7 architects Modern style kitchen
C7 architects

Wickham House

C7 architects

Blink and you could overlook the fact that there is a breakfast bar even included here, thanks to the seamless design and gorgeous muted tones. In an open-plan space, this design is a great way to separate the different zones, while also offering up an informal location for a spot of sustenance before the day begins. Delicious!

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