How to take full advantage of high ceilings

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How to take full advantage of high ceilings

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
by Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris Modern
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Most of us are drawn to spacious interiors. When the home is roomy, we tend to feel more at ease and free to spread out. Living in a home with lots of expendable space, however, is not always the reality. This might be true on the horizontal scale, but what if the space in your home is more highly endowed on the vertical spectrum? There are lots of things you can do to play up the natural sense of expansiveness that comes along with having high ceilings along with possibilities that those lacking in vertical space could only dream of. Utilising your high ceilings to their fullest potential isn’t as intuitive as occupying floor space can be. That’s why today we’ve come up with some stellar means of taking advantage of your high ceilings.

Make more living space with a mezzanine

One means of taking full advantage of your high ceilings is to utilise the vertical space as a living area. To do so without compromising the spaciousness that comes with the height of your interior is to add a mezzanine. Mezzanines are cosy, private nooks in the home that can be used for just about anything and they can be constructed to match a multitude of styles. This rustic-industrial mezzanine by 홈스타일토토 is large enough to fit shelving and a small bedroom. The mezzanine can be an excellent spot for a master bedroom, home office, guest room, or home library. There’s nothing like retreating to this perch above the rest of the home. It is a cosy and unique vantage point only made possible in a space with high ceilings.

Bigger storage

Guest Bed Wardrobe Minimalist bedroom by 3A Architects Inc Minimalist Plywood
3A Architects Inc

Guest Bed Wardrobe

3A Architects Inc

Another practical way to get the most out of your high ceilings is to harness the vertical space for storage. This is especially useful in homes with small floor plans. Installing floor to ceilings cabinets like the ones featured here or using a large wardrobe can be effective means of using your high ceilings to the fullest. You don’t have to confine this option to housing your clothes either. Using large cabinets for dining ware, linens, books, shoes and outerwear can make a world of difference. Choose understated handles or opt for not handles at all on your cabinets to make them look more understated and less bulky in a small space. You make even consider going with a shade that matches the colour of the surrounding walls to enhance the camouflage effect.

Showcase your favourite items with shelves

Similar to using you high ceilings to house large storage furniture like a wardrobe, you can climb high with your shelving. Though it is not exactly practical to keep everyday items on the highest shelf, adding a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit will give you a lot of height to play with for both storage and display. You can keep books and glassware on the more accessible portions the shelf. Meanwhile, on the higher portions you can display your favourite ornaments and mementos. They will be safely out of reach and lovely to look at. This dining room, for instance, would be far less dynamic if it weren’t for this lovely shelving unit. For safety reasons be sure to adhere the shelves to the walls or floors to keep them from getting knocked over.

Hanging lights

If your intentions lie in accentuating the high ceilings with décor rather than filling it with storage implements, hanging some decorative lights is a great way to add stylistic flair. The addition of a chandelier in this bathroom gives it an opulent country style. Such a light fixture would not bode as well if the ceilings were lower. You’d likely hit your head every time you wanted to walk over to the bathtub! Yet, chandeliers aren’t the only kind of lighting that works better in spaces with high ceilings. You could also choose more modern, industrial pendulum lights. These are quite trendy at the moment, and only those blessed with high ceilings can work them to their fullest potential.

Freshen things up with a false ceiling

False ceilings add a unique sort of decorative intricacy to the room. They bring shape and definition to otherwise basic spaces. For instance, the curved lines of the false ceiling in this room stand as a defining point to it geometrically. You could add a false ceiling that echoes the existing shape of the room as well. In this scenario the false ceiling will help draw the eye to a light fixture hung in the middle of the room. Take advantage of the space between the false ceiling and the actual one by adding LED lighting there. Doing so will create a striking glow as we can see in the living room featured above. You can also add intricate patterns on the ceiling behind the false areas.

Wall art welcome

Perhaps the simplest thing to do with your high ceilings is to add some striking wall art to the elongated vertical space. Scholars have long debated the importance of setting in properly displaying art. Many pieces of art including paintings and sculptures will be better showcased if they have the vertical space they need to shine. Imagine attempting to fit a tall piece of abstract sculpture or a mural like the one depicted here in a space where the ceilings weren’t high enough. At best it’d be doing an injustice to a peace of meaningful beauty. At worst, it simply wouldn’t fit! Purchasing art to fill the empty space on a particularly high wall will accentuate the height of your ceilings and add tremendous aesthetic value to the room overall.

If you found this Ideabook helpful, check out these tips on how to utilise the empty corners in your apartment. Happy decorating!

These are just a few ways to take full advantage of your high ceilings. We'd love to know yours. You can tell us your thoughts in the comments sect...
by FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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