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15 Stellar Suggestions for an Elegant Front Door

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An elegant front door design immediately improves the look of the façade of your home. The design of the front door is crucial for maintaining a secure home. You have a wide variety of choices available in terms of designs and materials. Choose the one that suits the architecture of your building. When in doubt don’t hesitate to discuss your options with a reputed architect.

1. Insist on simplicity

Simplicity may be difficult to achieve, but insisting on simplicity of design often bring the best results. It is easier to maintain a door which has a simple charm. It has a stellar effect on the contemporary façade design as well.

2. Experiment with the design

Hinged doors are not the only option for your exterior doors. Consider installing trendy hinged doors in your home. Always, take help of an experienced door installer for a flawless job.

3. Select the right material

Wood is sturdy, weather resistant secure and beautiful. It is a common choice for front doors. But you do have some other options like fibreglass, metal and reinforced glass. You will also find metal doors covered with plywood.

4. Choose the right colour

The colour of your exterior doors impacts the beauty of the façade. Choose it carefully. If you are a feng shui follower, you may like to opt for colours like green, red or yellow which is linked to good fortune and prosperity.

5. Find out what works best for your house

Not all designs and metals suit every house. Contemporary houses may opt for fibreglass or glass doors, but rustic dwellings look better with wooden front doors. More ornate wood or wrought iron doors are perfectly suited to classical homes.

6. Combine different materials

Decorate a gorgeous pathway by combining different materials like brick, wood, concrete and stucco. See how the architect of this house has used the exposed brick wall to glam up the entrance of the house.

7. Design an elegant garden path

Don’t forget to follow it up with an elegant garden path. You may opt for wood, ceramic tiles, terracotta, brick or stone for your garden path. You may also go for rustic gravel path. Make sure to keep the garden path clean and free of weeds or any other kinds of debris.

8. Spread a plush rug

Spread a plush runner just behind the main door to keep dust and grime off the interiors of your house. This is especially useful for those living in small apartments and don’t have a spacious hallway. The main door often opens in to the living room in such cases.

9. Brighten up the hallway

Use wall sconces, ceiling mounted LED fixtures and pendants to beautify the hallway. It looks more pleasing and helps you to enhance the security of your home. A gloomy hallway has a depressing effect on the minds of those who live in the house and the guests to come to visit them.

10. Create contrasts

For a more dramatic effect, use contrasting tones to decorate the hallway. See how the interior designer of this house used the striking contrast of black and white to design a stunning hallway. The main door design is perfectly suited to classical home.

11. Give a hearty welcome

Make the exterior of the front door more welcoming. Spread a cosy doormat. In addition to a runner rug on the hallway, this will help you to keep the interiors clean especially during the rainy season.

12. Choose the right kind of hardware

Buy door hardware that is durable and elegant. Select those that perfectly match the décor of the interiors and do not create any kind of visual anomaly. Choose only such items that are easy to clean and maintain.

13. Make your doorway secure

Install proper locking system to keep your home secured. You may consider building a smart home and install electronically operable locking systems. Buy a security camera and mount it above the front door. Install burglar alarms.

14. Place green plants

Place potted green plants close to the main door. You may also design a vertical garden. This has a very pleasing effect on the entryway design. According to feng shui, green plants are essential for enhancing the prosperity of the homeowner and should be placed close to the main door.

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15. Hallway furniture

Don’t clutter your hallway with too many objects of furniture. Select only those which serve a purpose and look stylish in this space. Install floating cabinets when the availability of space is not sufficient to go for a conventional hallway dresser or console table.

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