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Fantastic IKEA Furniture & Accessories Just Perfect for a Tiny Living Room

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SAS Living room
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Love it or loathe it, you cannot simply ignore IKEA. It has been instrumental in revolutionising the interior of modern homes. And, if you are fond of the clean and simple forms of Scandinavian furniture then you have an added reason to go for IKEA furniture. The delicate design of these articles is suitable for the interiors of a small living room. This comes as an added boon for those living in the small city apartments of Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, George Town or anywhere else in Malaysia.

Small living room with a cool décor

SAS Living room

The interior of this small living room will leave your guests gushing about your choices for furniture and décor items. An array of trendy pieces of furniture, including the coffee table, sectional sofa and the sleek dining chairs placed just behind the sofa, has been used to decorate the room.

The unusual blue accent colour along with the base tones of pale brown and grey accentuates the beauty of the room. The warmth of wood flooring increases the charm of the small living room. A small area rug, spread on the floor, floating tv cabinet and prominent metallic lighting fixtures make this room look cheery and comfortable at the same time.

A Scandinavian beauty

The interior of this room is embellished with trendy modern furniture. A small NORSBORG Sofa and Lappljung Ruta rug bring the essence of IKEA in the interiors. The MASKROS pendant acts as a precious piece of embellishment. A very low coffee table is placed on top of the rug. Prominent also is the presence of an Eames chair in the corner of the living room.

The cool grey and white tone is in tune with modern Scandinavian design. Large glass windows ensure the space feels sunny and cheerful all day long.

Touch of green in the living room

The interior designer of this small apartment perfectly captured the essence of Scandinavian design in its small confinement. The otherwise industrially designed space has been given a tropical jungle like makeover. A constant connection with nature is essential for Scandinavian homes. And, with the help of a copious amount of green motifs and colours, the designer has managed to achieve just that.

IKEA STRANDMON side chairs have been placed in the centre of the living room. BESTÅ storage shelves resolve the storage related woes of a small home. The interior is further decorated with framed photos, large posters, potted green plants and an string of stylish SINNERLIG lighting fixtures.

A kiss of sun in the living room

Due their flexibility of design, sectional sofas are favoured for modern homes. You can change the modular arrangement of these sofas to suit the space you are decorating. This also helps you to give living room a fresh new look whenever you like. From KIVIK to VALLENTUNA, IKEA has a range of sectional sofas on offer for contemporary homes.

The owners of this tiny but tastefully decorated small apartment have used a grey tone section sofa for their living room. It is further decorated with a spacious tv cabinet, mid-sized coffee table and a stylish side chair and ottoman. You can see a glimpse of the kitchen cum dining room in the far side of the room.

One room apartment with IKEA furniture

Living in a one room apartment is a reality for many in the bustling cities of Malaysia and elsewhere in the world. A one room apartment can also boast of an inspiring décor. See how tactfully the interior stylist of this tiny Parisian apartment has chosen various articles of furniture. They are just suited for the space they are going to occupy.

Generous amount of sunshine makes the interior look more spacious than it actually is. Simple colour palette, dominated by a warm white tone, helps to maintain the brightness of the space. The blue IKEA PS cabinet almost effortlessly steals the limelight.

Don't forget to check out the interior of these one room apartments that simply feel huge.

Comfy living in a small space

Your décor choices have huge impact in designing a comfortable home. Choose furniture and décor items that do not take too much space and are preferably designed with storage drawers. Simple steps like these can declutter the interior and make it more inhabitable and stylish. While planning the design of a small space choose only the bare essentials.

See how smart décor choices make the interior of this open plan living room look graceful and charming. A combination of grey and white tone, accentuated with yellow, makes the space look dreamy.

Now don't fail to make your rooms as special as you.

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