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6 Kitchen Renovations on a Small Budget

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Kitchen renovations can quickly turn out to be a householder’s nightmare. From planning to plumbing there are so many steps involved in a kitchen remodeling project. Your budget could easily get upset in the process. So today we have decided to share with you the stories of 6 kitchen renovations that will help you design a stylish kitchen within a tight budget.

1. The Importance of Light

The importance of having a light filled kitchen cannot be insisted enough. It helps you to maintain hygiene of the interiors. Working here becomes easy when there is sufficient availability of natural and artificial light.

Trendy modern kitchen design

Maximise the availability of light by widening the windows, installing glass panelled doors and windows and skylight installation. The last one is particularly useful for small kitchen without sufficient access to natural light. Choose a colour scheme that reflects light and makes a small spacious look roomier and more cheerful.

2. Building an open plan kitchen

Kitchen renovation can literally mean venturing into the chaos. Many homeowners shudder at the very though renovating this space. Due to the nature of the room, frequent repairing work is very difficult in the kitchen. But if you have recently bought an old house then you will have to modify it to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Functional kitchen design

Here you can see the renovated which has been redecorated into a fully functional space. It merges into the living cum dining room and creates a comfortable space for the family to sit down and enjoy. This type of design promotes social interaction and also makes a small home look more spacious.

3. Renovating the walls

Old kitchens that have not been maintained for long often have mould and mildew infested walls. This happens due to a leakage of the plumbing system behind the walls. You need to completely upgrade the structure and seek help of an experienced plumber to restructure the plumbing system.

Design of the new kitchen wall

You may opt for conventional brick and concrete walls or drywalls for your kitchen. Both of these designs are capable of lasting for a long time. New wall design also helps you to give a fresh new look to an existing space. Use ceramic tiles to decorate the backsplash. This will also prevent the walls from succumbing to the moisture related problems. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and affordable. You can buy colours and designs that exactly match the colour scheme of the space.

See these interesting tile designs for your home.

4. Extra ceiling height

Many old homes are designed with lofty ceilings. Consider putting this extra space to additional use. This will help you to optimise the available space. The beautiful wooden ceiling of this building has retained its charm for long. So the owners did not need to change it at all.

The renovated mezzanine space

The owners have decided give a rustic makeover to the interiors. They have opted for a spacious wood clad kitchen cum dining area on the first floor and additional reading space on the mezzanine floor. Apart from the windows, skylight installations help to keep the space light filled and airy.

5. Taking care of the windows

The design of the windows of your house has a great impact on the beauty of the façade. Speak with your architect to choose the window design for your kitchen. You may need to broaden the gaps of the windows of an old kitchen to suit the necessities of the modern time.

Bright kitchen interior

Even a small kitchen starts looking more spacious owing to the generosity of natural light. If possible install the faucet and kitchen sink in front of the windows. Sunshine will dry this space quickly and will prevent any moisture related problem.

6. Arranging for storage

Before: Range Cooker wall Hallwood Furniture
Hallwood Furniture

Before: Range Cooker wall

Hallwood Furniture

Sufficient storage units are very important in the kitchen. You may install built-in cabinets and ensure a neat and tidy look for your modern kitchen. Reinforce the walls of an old kitchen before installing any cabinets on the wall.

Remodelled kitchen interior

After: Range Cooker wall Hallwood Furniture
Hallwood Furniture

After: Range Cooker wall

Hallwood Furniture

The renovated kitchen boasts of sufficient storage space. The kitchen planner has opted for both floating cabinets and best cabinets. The kitchen island has been built with storage space as well. The white finish of the furniture gives the space a clean and tidy appearance.

Don't forget to check out the interior of these tastefully designed kitchen interiors.

Which of these kitchen renovation projects did you find most interesting?
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