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Most homes have character and it is largely defined by the accents and curios used around the home. While these pieces may be collected over a period, most people would love to move into a home that is designed according to what they like and this is exactly what you will find in this home designed by the architects at Green Hat Studio. They have paid attention to simple things and created a home that is not only modern and functional but something that looks well-lived in. Using bright colors in the children’s room makes the room come alive with energy and good cheer. A wonderful use of space makes this home warm and inviting.

Warm Entrance

The large Ganesh that guards the home while inviting you, is not only majestic but is perfect for this space. The long wooden steps leading up to another level of the house adds an old-world charm to the house.

Simplistic Design

Allowing the stone-lined rustic wall to do all the talking, the rest of the design has been kept minimal and simple. The stone wall which has been accentuated by a modern wooden shelf holds precious curios and important items gathered from the travels. The Krishna idol in the center holds a place of pride.

Important Nook

This interesting corner of the house is quite special. The narrow wooden column holds pictures of the family while the study table is tucked into a corner. The small set of stairs reminds you of being in your grandmother’s home. The cubby holes provide storage and look interesting as well.

Stylish Bedroom

This wonderful bedroom is simple yet elegant. The grey wall is both interesting and unique. The hanging lamps add a modern and contemporary touch to the room. The braided vinyl headboard is sophisticated and by using an animal print the whole room comes together very well.

Colorful Children’s Bedroom

This interesting room is both fun and vibrant. The partition slides in place when the siblings decide they need their privacy. The use of both pink and orange bring a certain brightness and cheer to the room.

Unique Book Shelf

The study desk does grab your attention and that is thanks to the uniquely shaped bookshelf. Though it seems like boxes have been stacked on top of each other, it acts as a perfect modern design for a place to stack your favorite books. There is a small nook against the windows cushioned well so you can use it to relax with a good book.

Functional Kitchen

This small, compact yet functional kitchen is perfect for all those meals you will be cooking in this simple and cozy home. The bright colors bring the place alive while the dining table is perfect to bring the family together.Keep getting inspired with another home tour.7 pictures of a beautiful bedroom in a Gurgaon residence.

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