30 Incredible Ways of Glamming Up Your Living Walls

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Charming wall décor can instantly increase beauty and glamour of your living room. And, who doesn’t like to invite guests in a stylishly decorated home? Today we will share with you a platterful of ideas about choosing the right décor for the living room walls. Enjoy.

Small living room with a charming wall décor

By varying the colour and embellishments of your walls, you can inject a genial mood in a small living room. The interior stylist has introduced an extremely pale earthy grey shade on the feature wall. It is further decorated with a set of black and white images.

Warm colour and stone effect

The warm colour of this living room makes it look so gorgeous. Texture of the living room wall, decorated with stone, adds spice to an already charming space. Colour abstract painting also contributes to its charm.

Exposed brick wall

Exposed brick has become one of the key décor elements of fashionable homes. You may easily introduce this feature in your living room. Have a talk with your interior architect to design such a space as the one seen on the image above.

Walls with contrasting shades

Grey is a very common colour in modern homes. The interior designer has made a smart use of the exposed concrete wall. A variety of framed paintings embellish the feature. Sea the contrast between the grey feature wall and white ceilings and also between shades of grey and natural wood flooring.

Photo walls

Do you know you easily convert one of the images you have captured on your recent trip into wallpaper. You may also use large format photographs to decorate the feature wall of your living room.

Rough stone wall

Rough stone wall is used to add variety in a space like this. Limit this feature to one wall of a small room. This will prevent any distraction from the focal element of your living room.

3D Wallpaper

Three dimensional wallpapers can be used to decorate the feature wall of your parlour. The added glitter of the metallic wall hanging adds pizzazz in this contemporary living room.

Earthly colour palette

Use of earthy shades in the interior can give your living room unique feel. Use upholstery in contrasting shades to create the best possible effect. The white Barcelona chairs, made famous by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, feel so inviting in this elegantly decorated space.

Wood accent on the feature wall

Wood accent on the feature can inject warmth in the interior of your living room. Use proper lighting fixture to highlight the beauty of the walls in your home.

Living room with an interesting partition wall

If you have an open plan living room then you may install a light partition wall like the one on the image above to protect the privacy of the interiors. Blend it well with other aspects of décor.

Bold in black, white and grey

The bold use of black, white and grey helps this living room décor to stand out from the rest. Paintings and photographs have been used to deck up the walls as well.

Living room with wall panels

Wall panels and faux ceilings can together create a very interesting space for yourself and your guests. Check out the interior of this living room for some interesting wall décor suggestions. Don’t forget to take a note of the lighting fixtures and living room furniture.

Check out these pieces of IKEA furniture just perfect for a beautiful home.

Beige wall colours

The owners of this home have chosen the graceful shade of beige to decorate their living room. They have tried to keep the décor as simple as possible. The walls have been kept relatively bare for maximum impact.

Laminated storage units

Yes, storage units can also be used to beautify the walls of your living room. This would be highly essential for a small living room struggling to remain uncluttered. Install simple laminated, metallic or natural wooden wall units to increase the storage area and beautify the room.

Glittering brown living room

The glittering brown interior of this living room looks special due to its choice of colours and decorative features. Crystal chandelier and wall mounted lighting fixtures keep the space bright and cheerful. The varied texture of the walls and wooden ceiling panels add extra dimension.

Wood, stone and stucco

The walls of this living room bask under the triple effect of wood, stone and stucco. The rest of the space is decorated in a simple and minimal fashion.

Textured brick walls

The owners of this living room have decided to opt for exposed brick walls as well. This time, however, they have been soaked in white paint to maintain a clean and simple look.

Living room décor oozing charm

You will see a hint of classical design in the choice of materials and decorative features of this living room. Wooden wall panels never seem to go out of fashion. So it will be a trustworthy choice for a timeless appeal of your living room décor.

Exposed concrete walls

Exposed concrete walls can be a trendy choice for many living rooms, especially, when brightened up with such interesting LED lighting fixtures such as these.

Mirrors on the wall

Do you know mirrors have the capabilities of making your living room look more spacious than it actually is? See how the interior designer used a combination of three dimensional wall panels and mirrors to deck up the walls of this domestic lounge area.

Textured wall panels

You can install textured wall panels made of cork or wood in your living room. They add variety to an otherwise simple décor and inject a sense of style.

Adding an element of surprise

During the long summer months of the year, walls with decorative vents will be very beneficial. You may install such decorative walls made of concrete, stone or wood. See the use of bamboo on the ceiling as well.

Mirrored partition walls

Mirrored partition walls can make a living room look brighter and more spacious. They also add life in the living room décor waiting for a thorough makeover.

Wall patterns

Add texture and decorative elements to one of the living room walls. Use stucco for the purpose. You will need expert help to plan a creative wall décor like this.

A matter of colours

Clever use of colours makes this small living room look so utterly trendy. A combination of exposed concrete and smooth wall surfaces look interesting enough. Fashionable articles of colourful furniture add a dash of spice.

Artworks on the wall

You have already seen quite a few examples of wall décor with interesting artworks. The designer of this small lounge area uses a combination of exposed brick and framed artworks to beautify the walls.

Replacing walls with display cabinets

Tactful use of furniture like display cabinets and storage spaces can help adorn the living room and keep the interior organised. You may even replace one of the walls with stylish display cabinets such as the one used to decorate this living room.


Don’t forget about this age-old choice for wall décor. High quality wallpaper can not only beautify the living room but also hide small imperfects on the walls.

Clad in wood

Consider introducing the warm presence of natural wood panels in your living room. You may install wood panels made of oak, mahogany, cedar or teak in your home.

Dual effect of brick and art

We round off this post with one of the most striking examples of living room wall décor. The designer has chosen stone and brick to stylise the opposing walls of this room. The use of modern installation art makes it look even more interesting.

Consider merging your living room with the patio and decorate a stylish space to entertain your guests.

Which of these living room wall decors did you find most inspiring?

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